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BYP Announcement: First Ever ‘Black Millennials in America’ Report Released

On Wednesday, the Black Youth Project released its first ever report on Black Millennials entitled  “Black Millennials in America” survey data. The project is dedicated to providing a more nuanced understanding of the lived experiences and political attitudes of Black Millennials.  We believe that black lives matter and that we must represent the complexity of black lives at this moment.


It’s Time to Contextualize President Obama’s Efforts to ‘Ban the Box’

On Monday, President Obama laid the groundwork for longterm changes in rehabilitating and reintegrating formerly incarcerated individuals in the United States. Proposing seven new measures, President Obama seeks to destigmatize those who have been convicted of crimes while providing equity across employment, education, and housing access for all citizens. The most popular of his announced measures is his push for federal employers to “ban the box.” And while this is a huge step forward in reducing the impacts of the prison industrial complex in society, there is still so much work to be done. Perhaps these changes are best understood in a larger context.


Get to Know These Seven Black Poets You Should Support Today

By Jayy Dodd

Black poetics has been a stronghold and foundation for language as we know it. From flips and cuts in grammar, Black folk (globally) have taken back colonized tongue forming new and necessary vocabularies. We hear it in hip-hop, opinion piece and every other Black medium; poetry is an invaluable resource for the diaspora. Below is a brief selection of Black poets you need to know, watch and support:


The “Anti-Racist” Michael Brown Art Exhibit is the Epitome of White Privilege

Michael Brown, Jr. was murdered in cold blood last August in Ferguson, MO. Now, a life-sized model of his dead body is on display in an “art exhibit” in the historically Black neighborhood of Bronzeville in Chicago. Sadly, it epitomizes the very definition of the White Privilege and racism it seeks to rebuke.