President Obama Designates Stonewall National Monument

This is a historic moment for all of us, LGBTQIA+ or otherwise.

President Obama, who has been arguably the strongest president yet in supporting and advocating for the rights of queer people, is designating a new Stonewall National Monument at the historic Stonewall Inn site in New York City. This is the same place that, in June 1969, erupted in violence when queer folx rebelled against police who were raiding the Stonewall Inn, a hangout and safe space for LGBTQIA+ people.

Janet Mock Discusses The Deeper Meanings Behind Stonewall

The Stonewall Riots, which erupted on June 28, 1969, were spurred as a response to the continued violence and repression against LGBTQIA+ – specifically from police authorities in New York City. In this video with Logo TV, activist and bestselling author Janet Mock explains why it wasn’t just the people present at the Stonewall uprising but also the people who were excluded from mainstream queer spaces that are important to understanding LGBTQIA+ resistance.

Trans Activist Tiq Milan Explains the Importance of #Pride

June is Pride month which means that annual celebrations are happening in LGBTQIA+ communities, homes, and cities all over the country. While many are preparing to attend parades and other events, the country and world are steel in mourning after the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando which directly targeted queer folx. So, while this month is meant for celebration, there is still a deep sadness so many of us feel. In this video with NBC OUT, activist Tiq Milan discusses what Pride means to him and why we must celebrate through pain.

Goddess Diamond Is The 14th Known Trans Person Murdered in 2016

**Trigger warning: this story describes violence against a Black trans woman and her murder.**

Trans women continue to be targeted for violence, hatred, and harm in the United States. Sadly, these issues and altercations all too often end in homicide. The fourteenth known trans person was killed in New Orleans on June 9th. Her name was Goddess Diamond even though the New Orleans Advocate has reported her death while misgendering her and using her previous name.

Movement for Black Lives Yields New Targets of the State

By Lamont Lilly

During the height of the Ferguson Rebellion in late summer 2014, youth organizer, Joshua Williams quickly rose to the call of duty. In the aftermath of Officer Darren Wilson’s brutal murder of unarmed Black teenager, Mike Brown, 19-year-old Williams, stepped forward in the most dedicated and courageous way possible – on the front lines.

NYPD Conducts Manhunt For Teen Who Escapes Arrest After Skipping $2.75 Subway Fare

Rhamar Perkins, 16, took advantage of a rookie NYPD officer’s sensibilities this past week and escaped after he was arrested for skipping out on a $2.75 subway fare.

He was initially taken into custody by a veteran officer and their partner, but asked to go to the bathroom once the veteran left the room and asked her partner to watch him. He then snuck out of the back door and sparked a manhunt that lasted for hours, according to New York Daily News.

Violent Arrest Of Black Teen In Madison, Wisconsin Spurs Protests

Trigger warning: This story details police violence against a teenage Black woman. There are links to videos of the physically violent arrest.

A recent video posted to Facebook showed the brutal arrest of a 18-year-old woman, identified by local news media as Genele Laird, outside of the East Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday, according to WKOW – 27 News. Now, the community and others who love her are demanding answers from local police authorities as to why she was forcefully and violently arrested.

The Senate’s Failure To Pass Gun Laws Is An Embarrassment

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate completely failed to pass any of the four proposed amendments concerning gun laws in this country. They were concerned with gun sales, background checks, and the accessibility of weapons to those people on the government’s radar. Even after experiencing the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter in recent U.S. history, the two sides found no room to compromise.