BYP100 Chicago’s Statement On Dante Servin’s Circumvention of Accountability

It has been announced today that Dante Servin has chosen to resign from the Chicago Police Department instead of facing an evidentiary hearing for the 2012 killing of Rekia Boyd. While this serves as a relief for the sake of both Rekia Boyd’s family and the larger Chicago community, it is also indicative of an unsurprising tactic by Servin to escape accountability.

Political Cartoon from Garrison's Twitter Account.

On The Blatant Racism of Garrison’s Political Cartoon of Michelle Obama

On May 13, Ben Garrison released a racist photo that compared the First Lady Michelle Obama to Melania Trump. While Melania was depicted as the epitome of femininity, the First Lady was depicted as a muscular brute, a thing to be feared and unwanted. As President Obama’s second term in the White House comes to an end, we are left to reflect on mainstream media’s treatment of FLOTUS and what that means for young Black girls in America.


Trump, Clinton, and A Tale Of Two Racisms

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, is working tirelessly to distance herself from her (former) friend, Republican nominee Donald Trump. Her method in doing so suggests that she is somehow critically different from him. But, young people of color don’t seem to be buying that claim. This begs the question: Why are her supporters struggling to understand this dissonance? Well, it’s likely because many of those in the Clinton camp have a problematic definition of racism and, to a larger extent, systematic oppression in general.


How Digital Media Aids—And Complicates—The Struggle for Justice

Black organizers are still mobilizing against police brutality, divestment from communities and other facets of institutionalized racism. And while digital media is hailed as their key tool in fostering connectivity and documenting information in real time, the use of media sites like Twitter and Facebook has presented its own challenges regarding issues of surveillance and action turnout.