Kaepernick’s Protest Is Bringing Out Critics and Supporters But Who’s Right?

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem, a song that’s conveniently been separated from some of its slavery-inspired lyrics, has driven a wedge across the country. Ever since the San Francisco 49ers quarterback said he wouldn’t stand to honor a flag that represents something very different to him, everyone from fans, players, NFL executives and military veterans has chosen a side. Some of which were quite surprising and disappointing.

COLUMBIA, SC - JULY 18:  A member of the Ku Klux Klan gives a Nazi salute as the Klan members fly the Confederate flag during a demonstration at the state capitol building on July 18, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. Hundreds of people protested the demonstration as law enforcement  tried to prevent violence between the opposing groups.

‘White Lives Matter’ Group Designated A Hate Group

While they’re likely to be utterly pissed and confused about it, the self-designated “White Lives Matter” group has officially been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The organization will be included in the next update of their “Hate Map,” which tracks the locations of hate groups across the country. 


Watch ‘Trans Men Explain Male Privilege’ In The Simplest, Most Accurate Way

“Male privilege is the bull sh*t idea that men are better than anybody else.”

Far too often, the idea that male privilege exists is undermined, argued against, and otherwise ignored by men. Meanwhile, women face constant and daily struggles with harassment and misogyny at the hands of their male partners, friends, co-workers, family, and even complete strangers. This new video from MTV called “Trans men Explain Male Privilege” discusses how male privilege operates from the perspectives of post-transition trans men.

Image via Shaka Afro Sisulu/Twitter

At Pretoria Girls High School, South Africa’s ‘Bornfree’ Population Still Isn’t Free

JOHANNESBURG—The policing of Black women’s hair strikes again. This time, black students at the Pretoria High School for Girls in Pretoria, South Africa allege that their school’s dress code is being enforced in a manner that discriminates against natural hairstyles.

The girls claim that they have been punished or threatened with punishment for wearing styles such as afros, bantu knots and locs, as well as for speaking their native tongue (aside from English and Afrikaans, South Africa has nine official native languages.)

John Legend

John Legend and Tika Sumpter To Make A Show About Black Wall Street

The story of Black Wall Street is almost a myth at this point. That’s not because the idea of an economically flourishing black neighborhood in the 1920’s is hard to believe. It’s because it was both literally and figuratively wiped away from existence in less than two days. Fortunately, WGN America is partnering with John Legend and Get Lifted Film Co. – with Get Lifted alumna and Southside with You actress Tika Sumpter as Executive Producer – to bring the story to television, according to Deadline.


Watch Al Roker Shut Down Billy Bush On Ryan Lochte-Gate

There have been many opinions following “Lochte-Gate.” In summary, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte flat-out lied about a robbery and confrontation he initially claimed to have experienced with teammates while in Brazil. The story has since been debunked but that hasn’t kept many in the media from finding unique ways to defend him anyway. Today host Billy Bush found out the hard way that Al Roker, usually the show’s laid back host, was having none of the Lochte protectionism on Friday’s show.


Nate Parker and the Rape Stories We Don’t Tell

I told myself I would not write about Nate Parker being a rapist.

I’d known about his sexually violent history for years, and the vileness of his queerantagonism, too. The depth of his awfulness had already been addressed, and so it was odd to me—but certainly predictable—to witness the conversation rehashed at such a moment, in such a way.


Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson Lies About Obama “Founding” ISIS On CNN

It is clear that Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, thinks we are all idiots. This was made even clearer in a recent clip from CNN’s news coverage of Trump’s recent comments about President Obama, Hillary Clinton and ISIS.

In the video, his spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, literally butchered the actual history and origins of the War in Afghanistan and ISIS to try and smear President Obama and Clinton. But, the host, Victor Blackwell, was having none of that.


Justice Department Says People Can’t Be Jailed Because They Can’t Afford Bail

The criminal justice system has several holes in its processes that have existed for generations. That’s no surprise. But, thanks to President Obama’s latest efforts to reform some of the most flawed and common legal practices, a new trend is developing.

The Justice Department recently filed a brief claiming that it’s unconstitutional to jail people simply because they can’t afford to pay bail, according to NBC