Who Gets to Be the Face of Black Women in Politics?

A recent debate generated on Twitter has many Black women assessing the role of colorism in Black feminism, particularly regarding the “faces” of the movement. From Beyoncé to bell hooks and even young Amandla Stenberg, the gravitation towards lighter faces prompts concern over the exclusion of the nuanced experiences of darker-hued women. But as prevalent as color-struck praxis may be in our feminism, to what extent is it an issue in our political representation?

This Is What Happens When An Accident At A Zoo Results In A Dead Gorilla

Over the weekend – Saturday, to be exact – the Cincinnati Zoo shot and killed a western lowland gorilla after a 4-year-old boy slipped into the animal’s enclosure. The 17-year old, 400-pound gorilla, Harambe carried the boy around its space for about 10 minutes, and the zoo’s dangerous animal response team considered a life-threatening situation.

Justice Department Seeks Death Penalty For Dylan Roof

Dylan Roof, the (alleged) shooter of a historically black church in South Carolina, may receive the harshest punishment possible if convicted. According to the Grio, the Justice Department is seeking the death penalty tied to his nine counts of murder. Roof’s attorneys reportedly say they were considering a guilty plea until the death penalty became a part of the possible sentencing.

“The nature of the alleged crime and the resulting harm compelled this decision,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a brief statement. It went on to say that the department considered “all relevant factual and legal issues.”

Watch This Black Woman Tell Corporations How to End Colorism

Many people of color face implicit and explicit racism in their daily lives. A byproduct of that reality is something called “colorism.” In short, colorism is the discrimination against people who have darker skin. And Chika Okoro, a Stanford University graduate student, recently gave a TED Talk encouraging corporations to do something about it.