Bernie Sanders and the Exclusionary Legacy of the Far Left

Despite wins in Missouri and Michigan, Bernie Sanders still trails Hillary Clinton by a decisive margin—especially among African-Americans. After competing in 31 primaries, the most Sanders has been able to clench of the Black vote was 29 percent— even with the support of prominent civil rights activist and fellow leftist Cornel West, who contends that “Brother Bernie is better for Black people”. But the long history of anti-Blackness in the American political left may be to blame for Sanders’ inability to earn the trust of the Black community.

Five Reasons Why South by Southwest 2016 Is Extra Dope

South By Southwest is an annual more than week long set of festivals and conferences focused on music, film, and technology. The event brings together professionals from the media world as well as super stars and interested fans.

Most people are timid around purchasing a ticket for SXSW, however this time the money is definitely worth the trip. Here’s why:

This video explains why objectifying women is so problematic

The objectification of women is a constant in society. It is something that is laced into television and movies, corporate hiring and promotion standards, and higher education. It is even present in the commercials and billboards we see every day. Advertisements for makeup, burgers, clothing, and even cars turn women into objects for male consumption. There are many reasons why this is problematic. But, this video shows exactly what happens to women, especially teen girls, psychologically and physically when they are treated as material objects, products, and resources to be consumed by society (read: men).

Chicago Police Says ‘Typical f—ing ni–ers’ Over Radio And Other Bigotry

The Chicago Police Department is under a microscope for good reason. The Department of Justice is investigating CPD after missteps on all levels regarding Laquan McDonald’s death,  reports of an off-the-record “black site” used for interrogation for years, evidence of officers tampering with dash cams and a long list of other offenses.

The latest mark on the list of things CPD has done wrong comes in the form of a video clip. In the clip, someone believed to be a Chicago police officer can be heard over dispatch referring to other officers and a dispatcher as “typical fucking ni–ers.”

A Visible Love, A Visible Movement: An Interview With Veronica Morris-Moore

During the week of February 21st, Veronica Morris-Moore did not rest. She was dedicating her body, her energy, and her time to making sure that people make the smart choices for the betterment of Black lives.

Instead of sleeping, Morris-Moore protested against Anita Alvarez, the current state attorney for Chicago who in no way, shape, or form should have control over Black lives because she abuses her power and has no respect for Black people. Morris-Moore rightfully believes that the greatest power that we have seen is action and protest. Her language is poetic and her dedication is inspiring. With Morris-Moore and the efforts of Fearless Leading by the Youth (F.L.Y.), an organization founded to enact change by carrying out political campaigns created by Black youth. Because of their work, there will now be a trauma center on the Southside of Chicago.  In this installment of Black Youth Spotlight, we talk with Morris-Moore and gain insight into  how her actions has helped save lives on the Southside.

#UnfairandLovely is A Stand Against Colorism

In most cultures that have been affected by white supremacy, there are white standards of beauty in place to tell women that they are not beautiful enough to be loved or wanted in their society. Unfortunately, when beauty is based solely on European standards, a woman’s physical and mental potential is not related to a her intelligence. Instead, this logic suggests that the whiter she is, then the prettier and more successful she will be.  However with hashtag #UnfairandLovely, South Asian women are taking a stand against this system of oppression called colorism. This hashtag is important because it raises much needed awareness of the discrimination that women face because of their darker complexions.

Detroit Public Schools May Close After April 8 Due To Lack Of Funds

Detroit Public Schools have been in an uncomfortable financial situation for a few years now. Teachers have had to take pay cuts in various forms and DPS is in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

The current financial strain may get even more serious in less than a month when it could potentially run out of funds and leave up to 46,000 kids without schools, according to FOX2 Detroit.

No Place For ‘Solidarity’: A Reflection on Black Femmes in Social Movement

I remember a young woman in undergrad once announcing to a large group of students,”We have to stand in solidarity with one another even when we don’t necessarily understand or agree totally with the method of engagement.” In that moment I asked myself, “Who does she mean by ‘we’?”

The young Latina was attempting to bring together students of different race and gender backgrounds to rally around a cause specific to Latinx students on campus. At the time, I took her claim wholesale. Taking the word “solidarity” to simply mean unity, I assumed her assertion of group action related to all issues affecting any students in the group, not just those affected by the issue for which she was advocating that day. However, I later found that there was a great deal of anti-Blackness in that group. And, while I can’t generalize that experience to broader communities, it was a harsh lesson in understanding what solidarity really means.