Mya Taylor is the First Out Trans Actress to Win Major Film Award

While Sam Smith was busy trying to claim that he was the first openly gay man to win an Oscar, at another award show, there was actual history being made.

At the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Mya Taylor, the actress best known for her breakout role in Tangerine, became the first out transgender actress to win a Film Independent Spirit Award in the category of best supporting actress.

Did We Do Enough To Save Chicago State University? Not At All.

Less than 24 hours after Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a rally at Chicago State University, all 900 employees of the university received layoff notices. The layoffs appear to be the final blow in the nearly 8 month battle between Chicago State (as well as other predominantly-Black public colleges) and Illinois politicians. But while many have directed their anger over the budget impasse at Springfield, primarily towards Republican governor Bruce Rauner, one thing is certain: Chicago itself did not do enough to save CSU.

50-Year-Old Woman Dies In Jail After 27 Hours Without Water

Joyce Curnell, a 50-year-old black woman from South Carolina, was taken to Roper Hospital in July 2015 due to stomach flu. When it was revealed that there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest for 2011 misdemeanor shoplifting charge, she was taken into custody by Charleston County authorities.

Curnell, who was battling sickle cell disease, alcoholism and hypertension, according to New York Daily News, was found dead just over a day later. It’s being reported that she spent 27 hours in jail before she died due to complications of the stomach flu and dehydration.

Killer Mike: “The only person I have the conscience to vote for is Bernard Sanders”

The presidential election has been hotly contested on both sides of the aisle. While many folks have been concerned about the Republican ticket, many others have shown their general disfavor for Hillary Clinton.

Rapper Killer Mike has had some of the most clear-headed explanations for his support of Sanders. But, this video of his words at Claflin University are moving and heartfelt. They also point to Clinton’s lack of popularity with many young Black people.