Milwaukee Coalition Advocates For Triple Homicide To Be Labeled a Hate Crime

A coalition comprised of 22 different Milwaukee community organizations is working to advocate for Dan Popp’s alleged triple homicide to be considered a hate crime, according to Colorlines. Earlier this month (March 6), Popp was arrested for allegedly killing a Puerto Rican man and a Hmong couple in their apartment building.

Couple Forced To Undergo ‘Spelling Test’ To Vote In North Carolina Primary

A political tactic that was once used to further skew the imbalance of power in America was the literacy tests that predominantly Black voters were forced to take to “prove” how American they were. In actuality, they were mostly arbitrary riddles that were meant to be extremely difficult and nearly impossible to answer correctly.

Although literacy tests were banned in the U.S. years ago, it appears they’ve evolved and appeared once again in the current election cycle. A South Asian couple in North Carolina was recently forced to live out the experience while voting in the primary election.

How To Get Away with Murder and Its Complicated Representation of Blackness

Even though How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) is a brilliant show in terms of its character development, casting, and plot structure, it still has fewer viewers than Scandal, a show that’s been on its last leg for the past couple of seasons. HTGAWM, unlike Scandal, is unflinching in its complex representation of Blackness.

Watch Dorothy Roberts Explain Why Race-Based Medicine Doesn’t Work

TED Talks have emerged as a popular way for non-professionals, interested fans, and social media consumers alike to access the knowledge and advice of experts across various fields. In this particular one, sociologist, legal scholar, and Black feminist Dorothy Roberts discusses her experiences as a Black woman with a White father while dealing with medical professionals. 

Google’s #BlackGirlMagic Doodle Was Created By A Black High School Student

Back in February, Akilah Johnson was ”surprised and overwhelmed” when she found out that she was a national finalist in the “Doodle 4 Google” contest for elementary through high school students. Could you imagine how she feels now that she’s won?

Johnson, a sophomore at Eastern Senior High School in the Northeast quadrant of Washington DC, was named the big winner in the national contest which accepts entries from the 53 states and territories, pulling in approximately 100,000 student doodles.

President Obama Is The First President to Speak at SXSW

For the first time ever in its 30-year history, a sitting president spoke at South by Southwest.

President Obama walked on stage as a keynote speaker to open the Interactive section of the SXSW Festival on Friday, March 11, 2016 in Austin, Texas where he talked about 21st century civic engagement alongside the founder, editor, and CEO of Texas Tribune, Evan Smith. Not only was this awesome because of our amazing president, but also because he is the first president to ever deliver a keynote address at the South by Southwest Conference.

It’s Important That Maria Sharapova’s Doping Isn’t Bigger News

Last week, news broke that tennis star Maria Sharapova was found to be doping, meaning she has been taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. All this has transpired while the pretty, tall, thin, white athlete and spokesmodel has been playing professional tennis.  Most news outlets are describing the issue as Sharapova having “failed a drug test” at the Australian Open. But, what many seem unwilling to say is that Sharapova has been using a known performance enhancing drug for ten years meanwhile, Serena Williams has been maligned, speculated about, and undermined as an athlete without failing any drug tests her entire career. This story is the literal embodiment of white privilege which is why the media doesn’t want to frame it that way.