This children’s book calls upon the “happy slave” narrative once again

There is something particularly disturbing about efforts to indoctrinate children with positive ideas about American slavery.

Sometimes, the fact that slavery even happened is conveniently overlooked. At other times, it is romanticized to the point of seeming more like a tough but rewarding job than chattel bondage. A new book called A Birthday Cake for George Washington seeks to do just that.

This video explains the difference between being “non-racist” and “anti-racist”

Many White folks congratulate themselves for not being racist. YouTube star Franchesca Ramsey made a funny but cringe-worthy video about “not racist White people” that gets right to the heart of this conversation. But, this video published at The Guardian, featuring 2015 Man Booker Prize winning Jamaican writer Marlon James, explains why this mentality is so harmful.

Chicago activist becomes first transgender bride to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

For the first time in the series, TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” will be featuring a transgender bride in search of the perfect gown for the wedding of her dreams.

The lucky lady? Precious Davis, an activist from the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago. In the new episode which airs on Friday, she will share the story of her romance with Myles Brady, a fellow activist from the same area.

Listen, here’s my problem with Elle’s #BlackGirlMagic piece

It’s always the moments of fellowship within Black communities that get trampled on by mainstream media outlets and White folks. This time, just got a Black woman to do their dirty work in a new article called, “Here’s My Problem With #BlackGirlMagic.” But don’t be fooled, this attempted undermining of the popular statement isn’t new. 

Kendrick Lamar Visits the White House and the Resulting Video is Perfect

Kendrick Lamar saw a lot of success since releasing “To Pimp a Butterfly” like debuting at the top of the Billboard 200 Chart, being ranked as the best album of 2015 by publications like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pitchfork Media, and most notably, the album was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Rap Album at the 58th Grammy Awards. Commercially, the album had sold 750,000 copies by the end of 2015.

Protection or Invasion of Privacy? Parents and the Social Media Age

Social media has taken over the modern day teenager’s life. This pervasive adoption of technology has heightened the level of Internet protection education, but also the awareness that parents need to be involved with their child’s digital behavior. While parents have every right to be involved in the multifaceted lives of their teens, where does this line of privacy be drawn?