Young Activists Disrupt Anita Alvarez Campaign Event Chanting “16 Shots!”

Coalitions of young people from activist organizations like Assata’s Daughters, BYP100, and Black Lives Matter, Chicago have been demonstrating against Cook County State Attorney Anita Alvarez for years now. Their efforts reached a fever pitch in the weeks following the November 2015 release of footage of the murder of LaQuan McDonald on October 20, 2014. Their concerns were stemming from the facts that it took Alvarez over a year to release the footage after she grossly mishandled the case from its start.

Harvard Promotes Michelle Williams As First African-American Faculty Dean

Even though this Black History Month will go down in history as the boldest one in a lifetime, it is a shame that we are still seeing firsts in 2016. There’s also no coincidence that all of these Black “firsts” are being announced in February.

Harvard University has made the esteemed epidemiologist Michelle Williams the next dean of the university’s Chan School of Public Health. This promotion makes Williams the first African-American faculty dean at Harvard.

An Open Letter to Rep. John Lewis


 “Standing on the Wrong Side of History”


Dear Brother John Lewis,

I am a Black woman, who, like you, was born in Alabama at the dawn of the modern-day Civil Rights Movement. My parents supported the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I, like millions of others, suffered through the indignities of Jim Crow, including watching, as an adolescent, my mother being “escorted” out of a white-only public bathroom by the police.

So I understand firsthand and respect your bravery and your contribution to the Black freedom struggle.

I Love Amber Rose’s Commentary on Clothes and Consent

Men will tell you that a short skirt makes it okay to touch a woman’s body. Men will tell you that a low cut shirt gives them a right to look at your breasts. Even more men will suggest that hanging out late on a weekend night, intoxicated, and in public opens a young woman up to be sexually assaulted by any guy who happens upon her. What most men won’t say is that these aspects of “toxic masculinity” are evidence of the pervasiveness of rape culture rather than an effort to keep women “respectable.”

The Protests For Ex-Officer Peter Liang Are Anti-Black Racism

Civilian protesting has a long history in this country. From early European ethnic minorities in the meat factories and steel mills, to Japanese blue-collar workers fighting back against internment, to current actions to preserve and fund Black futures, public demonstrations against oppressive institutions have been a sign of solidarity with minoritized groups around the world for generations. But, then, there are other times where protests are held to marginalize already oppressed groups or to diminish the quality of life for those whose civil rights are often ignored and undermined. These past few weeks, we have seen just that happen with protests by mostly Asian Americans who demand “justice for Peter Liang,” the ex-officer who was convicted of manslaughter for killing a young Black man named Akai Gurley in November 2014.