Get to Know These Seven Black Poets You Should Support Today

By Jayy Dodd

Black poetics has been a stronghold and foundation for language as we know it. From flips and cuts in grammar, Black folk (globally) have taken back colonized tongue forming new and necessary vocabularies. We hear it in hip-hop, opinion piece and every other Black medium; poetry is an invaluable resource for the diaspora. Below is a brief selection of Black poets you need to know, watch and support:


The “Anti-Racist” Michael Brown Art Exhibit is the Epitome of White Privilege

Michael Brown, Jr. was murdered in cold blood last August in Ferguson, MO. Now, a life-sized model of his dead body is on display in an “art exhibit” in the historically Black neighborhood of Bronzeville in Chicago. Sadly, it epitomizes the very definition of the White Privilege and racism it seeks to rebuke.


Zoë Kravitz Has Words for Hollywood’s Foolery

In a recent cover interview with Nylon, 26-year-old actress Zoë Kravitz had a lot to say about her prior issues with understanding the complexities of blackness and with Hollywood’s ongoing “race problem.” The young starlet and daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet shared how race has factored into her acting career thus far. The interview spotlights just how complex the industry’s casting choices really can be especially as it pertains to diversity and the portrayal of characters of color.


Amandla is Right. Kylie (and the Kardashians) are Problematic.


The Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers when it comes to public drama. Usually, it’s the older half sisters of Kylie Jenner who are caught in public confrontation. However, a recent spat between Kylie Jenner (best known for being someone else’s half sister)  and Amandla Stenberg (beloved Black actress from the Hunger Games series) highlights just how much certain members of this family appropriate blackness while openly diminishing actual Black people.


What if We Loved Black Women Like We Love Black Male Rapists?

This article was originally posted at Water Cooler Convos.

When I was seventeen, I was groomed and preyed upon by a high school basketball coach. He told me to stop wearing panties if I wanted to get a ‘real man.’ He invited me to drink, smoke weed, and hang out with his twenty-something year-old friends. He explained to me that part of becoming a woman was wrapped up in how men viewed me. For months he did these things. Then, when I had ongoing issues with my abusive dad, he coerced me into sex (an act of statutory and coercive rape) after I asked for his help and called him on a school day seeking safety.