Meet the Academics Behind Black Lives Matter

From the #ByeAnita actions in Chicago to the Fund Black Futures campaign, 2016 has already yielded significant gains for young Black organizers across the country. But the launch of Black Scholars for Black Lives (BS4BL), a collective made up of over 200 scholars and academics who have taken a pledge to use their platforms to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, just might be one of the most powerful tools the two-and-a-half year old movement has acquired as of yet.

Jesse Williams to Star and Produce Harry Belafonte Biopic

Jesse Williams, the Grey’s Anatomy star will produce and star in a Harry Belafonte biopic. During his appearance on the podcast Denzealots, which was created by comedians W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery, Williams talked about how he has a lot of projects coming up including the movie on the Civil Rights activist and notable actor, Harry Belafonte.

The ‘White Boy In Locs’ Movement Isn’t Just About A Hairstyle

At some point, we have to come clean about the toxic ways that whiteness works to perpetually erase, pacify, and root out blackness in the United States. And we have to be honest that cultural appropriation is a deeper ideological commitment than just a desire to emulate hairstyles, vernacular, food, and clothing.

Sean Combs’ Charter School Is Great, But Only Half The Answer

Sean “Diddy” Combs is making another huge investment. But, unlike many others he’s made over the years, this one isn’t going into a sports drink, television station, or music label. This investment is going directly towards his community and their future.

This upcoming fall, the Capital Prep Harlem School will open in New York City, which Combs played a pivotal role in creating. The charter school will start with around 160 students in both the sixth and seventh grades. The plan is for it to eventually expand every year until around 700 students are enrolled from grades sixth through twelfth. 

This Poet Is Calling Out The Founding Fathers For Their Erasure Of Black People

“Oppression doesn’t disappear just because you decided not to teach us that chapter.”

If those words were not strong enough, I do not know what words would be. Clint Smith III examined the role that the Founding Fathers played in oppressing black people in his new poem “History Reconsidered” which he performed at All Def Poetry.

It’s Time Black Actresses Played More Than The ‘Sassy’ Sidekick

“I’m tired of it, and I want more for our people.” – Yvette Nicole Brown

Black women are stereotyped and categorized non-stop in the entertainment industry, whether it be in music videos, on television shows, or movies, black women are not being portrayed as their full selves. Through media’s warped and biased lens, these women are either hyper-sexualized or given too much attitude for one person to handle…because it makes for a renewed season (Thanks, Cookie Lyon for the most recent example!).

Well, one woman is finally talking about what it means to be a black actress in Hollywood, and discussing her issues with the “sassy” requirement that all Black women must hone before stepping a half step into the doors of Hollywood magic.

That woman? Yvette Nicole Brown.

Black Girls Rock! Pushes Back Against Erasure Of Black Women On TV

It’s only March, but so far it’s been a good year for continuing the conversation of the representation of Black women in the media. For a quick recap, Mya Taylor was the first transgender woman to win a major award. Then, a misinformed and unwoke writer tried to come for #Blackgirlmagic, but no one was having it. We’re not even half way through the year and the celebration of Black women is in full swing, and in one week, the Black Girls Rock! Annual Awards Show returns with Tracee Ellis Ross as host.