US Senate

The Senate’s Failure To Pass Gun Laws Is An Embarrassment

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate completely failed to pass any of the four proposed amendments concerning gun laws in this country. They were concerned with gun sales, background checks, and the accessibility of weapons to those people on the government’s radar. Even after experiencing the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter in recent U.S. history, the two sides found no room to compromise.

Oakland PD

Oakland’s Police Department Is A Cautionary Tale For Other Cities

The police department in Oakland, California is currently in what can only be called one of the biggest upheavals in recent memory. In just 8 days, three different police chiefs have stepped down from the position following the revelation of  both a sex scandal and an investigation into racist text messages, according to CNN.

Mayor Libby Schaaf is in the middle of an uphill battle to transform a department that was apparently run more like a frat house than anything else. But this may be a case other police departments should watch closely because it could become an example of how to (or not to) move forward in their own districts.


Xenia Rubinos Brings Afro-Latina Fire With New Album ‘Black Terry Cat’

By: Sam Fleming

Xenia Rubinos is a singer, occasional rapper, and multi-instrumentalist from Hartford, Connecticut. Her newest album, Black Terry Cat, blends her Puerto Rican and Cuban roots with more contemporary R&B grooves. It represents an intense exploration of identity, while also giving us a lot of catchy summer jams.

Rubinos dances between Spanish and English while telling stories of her youth, police brutality, and the overuse of social media. Whether you choose to read into her lyrics or not, Black Terry Cat is a complex, beautiful and engaging experience.

2011 Juneteenth Celebration in San Diego

A Case for A National Juneteenth Holiday

This past Sunday, June 19th, African Americans across the nation celebrated Juneteeth, a holiday commemorating black freedom from slavery in the United States. This holiday is observed in 45 states across the country, yet it has not been deemed a national holiday by the federal government. Juneteenth celebrates black American independence—perhaps a greater victory than July 4th, since the United States’ promise of liberty and justice for all was threatened by the practice of slavery until the end of the Civil War


10 Songs for Your Juneteenth Celebration

By L.G. Parker

It’s ironic that I’m sharing a Juneteenth playlist after the attack on Emanuel AME. How might I suggest that you celebrate the June 19, 1865 emancipation from slavery when you’ve just witnessed a terrorist attack on a Black institution?

I suggest that this is the queerness of black celebration. Even as we celebrate, there are things that remind us that we shouldn’t. It’s the ache that makes the smile brighter, the dance stronger. Which calls to mind the life of joy, what comes before and afterwards that might lead us to re-imagine it.

In the South in particular, there are celebrations of Juneteenth every year.

I’ve witnessed these primarily as cookouts. During those hours, somebody’s uncle fries fish and babies waddle through grass almost as tall as them. Mosquitoes tear your legs up, aunties do their dance with a red cup in one hand and the world is still the world, your cousin still locked up, somebody kills somebody black, but the music is right so the work of forgetting is made easier and you arrive at something like joy.


 1. Earth, Wind, and Fire – September

2. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

3. Chaka Khan  — Tell Me Something Good

4. Earth, Wind, and Fire – Sing A Song

5. Carl Carlton – She’s A Bad Mama Jama

6. Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Before I Let Go

7. Commodores – Brick House

8. Rick James – Give It To Me

9. E.U. – Da Butt

10. V.I.C – Wobble Baby


Photo: Wikipedia



A Survivor’s Account Of The Orlando Shooting [VIDEO]

Numerous accounts have come from the survivors of last weekend’s tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead and many others injured. Each of the accounts are terrifying and give background on what can only be described as hours of horror. This survivor shares her experience through both poetry and personal interactions with the gunman on that tragic night.


Cutting our hair won’t guarantee our “success” but ending white supremacy will

Changing our hair has never been enough to protect Black people from anything in this country. The mere notion is unfounded and problematic. But that hasn’t kept some especially respectable Negros from suggesting otherwise.

Last week, educator and television personality, Dr. Steve Perry, came under fire for suggesting that young Black people, specifically young Black men, cutting their dreads, braids, and “unkept frosh” might garner them greater professional and social success. Social media erupted in response.


Freddie Gray Asked For Help During Arrest

As more details come out about Freddie Gray’s murder, it become even clearer that those six police officers present at his death were aware that he was in dire need of help.

Police Officer William Porter testified that Freddie Gray asked him for help during his ride in the back of a Baltimore police van where he suffered a fatal neck injury. While Porter is currently awaiting a retrial for his own involvement this September following a hung jury, he was brought in for the trial of Caesar Goodson Jr., who faces the most serious charges in Gray’s death due to driving the van. 

Donald Trump 2016

Putting Donald Trump’s Hateful Opportunism In Perspective

Donald Trump’s rhetoric this week, specifically as related to the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that left 49 people dead, shows that, in politics, literally anything goes.

The opportunity for a stagnant or sinking politician to latch on to a tragedy could be compared to a hitchhiker walking along a mostly desolate highway. The capacity to handle approaching obstacles dwindles as time goes on, whether it be fatigue, thirst or mind-numbing boredom. In politics, you can switch the last two out for a never-ending search for various funds and a constant need to replace the almost worthless band-aids that fail to cover the worsening wounds of society.