Chicago teens sound off on Jason Whitlock, LeBron James, and racism in America

By: Taylor Bogert, Kiara Hyde, Chelsea Jackson (BYP Fellows)


Can a Black person ever truly outrun racism?

NBA superstar LeBron James found out the hard way when his California home was defaced by an unidentified person who spray painted the n-word on his front gate—the eve of the NBA Finals.

James talked thoughtfully about the incident saying “being Black in America is tough.”

Steve Stephens

Black men, we need to acknowledge that we are the problem. Let’s talk toxic masculinity.

By Shekinah Mondoua

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I began to question the masculinity of African-American men as toxic. At one point I found myself constantly attempting to live up to the standards presumed from my Black male counterparts. Acceptance from my Black male friends was something that I sought out more than accepting my own self.

It might be best to start this conversation with my experiences at 15 years old. I had just left the private school scene and was entering the public school environment that I had once inhabited. The sights, the rhetoric, the style of the students were drastically different from how I last remembered them.

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