Donald Glover Cast As Lando Calrissian In New ‘Star Wars’

Donald Glover’s long been waving his flag for black nerds. He even took time to break down his personal definition of what it means to be a nerd in his 2012 stand-up special, Weirdo. So it’s no surprise that his latest role is a dream come true for many of his fans.

The actor/rapper/singer was cast as none other than Lando Calrissian, by way of Cloud City, in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff Star Wars film. Confirming rumors that have circulated for months.

‘The Birth Of A Nation’ Has Its Problems But It’s Still Worth Seeing

By: Imani J. Jackson

Deciding whether to support or sit out The Birth of a Nation has inspired an internal tug-o-war for many people, myself included.

On one hand, I respect and understand the outrage directed at Nate Parker. Parker wrote, directed and starred in a rebellion story, which includes rape scenes, and hit the big screen about 17 years after a woman accused Parker and Birth co-writer Jean Celestin of sexual assault in college. On the other hand, a jury of Parker’s peers found him not guilty and Celestin’s conviction was later overturned. These results – coupled with a desire not to penalize the brilliant black actresses who helped bring this story to light –  urged me from solidarity by omission (through boycotting) and toward supporting a multifaceted cast whose work tells an important story.

Review of ‘The 13th’: When Art Imitates Life, We Have to Ask “What’s Next?”

Regardless of where you are in your political education, Ava DuVernay’s documentary The 13th was pretty well done.

Weaving the staggering numbers of rising incarceration rates with the insights of prominent activists, journalists, and academics coupled with a soundtrack that highlights the connectedness of mass incarceration to Black realities, it is a signature piece of art imitating life. The 13th brought many conversations around systematic racism that usually happen in select circles to a potentially larger audience, but I’m not sure if anyone besides the usual “woke” circle sat in on this one, and if they did – what now?

‘The Birth of A Nation’ Flops At Box Office During Debut Weekend

Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation was meant to take the box office and award circuit over by storm. But controversies tied to Parker’s 1999 rape trial and a press run full of missteps have steered away many of its potential viewers. As a matter of fact, the film didn’t even come close to meeting box office expectations.

‘Southside With You’ is the Feel Good Movie of the Fall

Spoilers ahead!

The new film Southside with You, starring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers is a sweet tale of black love. The film unfolds the now almost mythical story of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s first date on Chicago’s south side. While, like Obama’s presidency, the film has its missteps and awkward moments, audiences everywhere will find this movie very delightful and very black.

Gabrielle Union Writes Powerful Op-Ed On Assault, Consent and ‘Birth of a Nation’

Many powerful reactions were ignited when details arose about Nate Parker’s rape trial and the actions he took to try and distance himself from it. While many people chose a side on whether or not they’d be seeing his upcoming film, we’d yet to have heard from the many who took part in making it.

Gabrielle Union, who is a survivor of sexual assault and also has a large role in The Birth of a Nation, wrote a powerful op-ed for the Los Angeles Times where she touched on sexual assault, consent and her personal feelings of being attached to a project that came from the mind of a man who went to trial for rape. 

Harry Belafonte Supporting Nate Parker Is Another Example Of Toxic Masculinity

As details of Nate Parker’s rape trial seemingly came out of nowhere, so did the many people who chose to support him despite the gruesome details of his rape case. With Parker’s upcoming film, The Birth of A Nation, set up for an October release, whether or not to support it has become a deeply personal question many people had to ask themselves. The latest to join the conversation is Harry Belafonte, a man who’s been credited with supporting the Civil Rights Movement and equality for decades and even made the cover of Ebony Magazine last year for it.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Belafonte went on to question not only the resurfacing of Parker’s rape accusations, but also the doubts being raised by the public.

‘Hidden Figures’ Matters, Black Women’s Labor Matters

A new film is drawing a lot of attention because it depicts the Black women who were behind the Project Mercury and Apollo 11 missions. The film, called Hidden Figures, is important for many reasons. But, mainly, because it adds complexity to the ways that we envision Black womanhood and the histories that brought us to where we are today.