Four Ways to #StayBlack on Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, or the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. While yesterday was a #NationalDayOfMourning for many, today is often a chance for people who celebrate the day to dive into left-overs, relax with family, and for many of us, shop ’til we drop. While we are buying presents for loved ones and ourselves, whether we are overjoyed or overwhelmed, let us keep in mind a few ways that we can #StayBlack amidst the holiday hoopla and the political tension that has been mounting in this country for months.

Alabama A&M Student Turns His Dorm Into A Food Pantry

Given how expensive meal plans can be, many college students are forced to go with the bare minimum or forgo the use of one altogether. Which means that finding food can become a bit of a challenge.

To help make this a bit easier, a college student at Alabama A&M University took some ambition, a call to service and $40 to turn his own dorm room into a food pantry. 

Prince George’s County Bus Driver Saves 20 Kids From Fire

When Renetia Smith’s bus full of 20 kids caught on fire, she did not hesitate before taking charge. Within seconds, her seatbelt was off, the bus door was open and she was getting kids off of the bus as quickly as possible. But even then, she took the time to check the bus one last time and make sure the it was empty, although it was being taken over by flames, according to NBC Washington.

Chicago Youth Dance Coalition Holds Back To School Dance Showcase On The South Side

Chicago’s South Side is viewed by many to be void of opportunity and progress. While there are surely things that can be worked on, that assumption is an exaggeration of the truth. On the contrary, there are often programs and events held throughout the city such as the Back to School Showcase that was held this past weekend. 

CRWN Is The Black Women’s Magazine We Have All Been Waiting For

Originally from Sacramento, CA Lindsey Day, the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the new Black women’s hair magazine CRWN, said she got her tough attitude from her dad’s relatives on the east coast. Not only that, she has always had the drive to change the world around her and the tenacity to see it through.

“I always wanted to help people,” Day said, “that was something that was like a common thread I really wanted to do something in my work that would help others.”

Internet Campaign Raises $300,000 For Elderly Chicago Popsicle Salesman

Fidencio Sanchez, 89, lost his only daughter this past July. According to CBS, she was his main means of support and her loss forced him to devote even more time to his business to make ends meet. That business was selling fruit popsicles, commonly referred to as “paletas” in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

When Joel Cervantes Macias was driving by and saw his elder working so hard, he felt moved. After buying 20 paletas and giving him $50, he took a picture and posted it to his Facebook.

The Obamas’ October Cover Of Essence Magazine Is Straight Flames

As the Obamas wave us all goodbye as they prepare to leave the White House, we’re getting even more intimate looks into the past eight years of their lives. Most recently, Barack and Michelle have been revealed to be on the cover of October’s issue of Essence Magazine.

The first couple took the opportunity to speak on their legacy and the impact they’ve made on America, especially its youth. 

Local Organizer Hosts #TheTakeBack, Free Youth Community Day On Chicago’s Southside

More than 60 volunteers gathered at Ellis Park in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood to host a free community day for the city’s youth this past Saturday. For the third year in a row, The TakeBack offered a full afternoon of activities, such as kickball, a bounce house, football and a three-on-three basketball tournament for local children to enjoy.