Cedric the Entertainer Hosts 100 Black Celebrities For A Town Hall Meeting

With the recent jump in black celebrities coming out to speak on the political climate in the U.S., it was just a matter of time before they all came together. And Cedric the Entertainer is being touted as the one responsible for making it happen.

A recent Instagram post from the famous comedian shows what was the end result of what’s being called a town hall meeting with 100 black celebrities in attendance. Some of which were Jesse Williams, T.I., Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari Parker, Lorenz Tate, Meagan Good and many more.

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Asian Americans Pen Open Letter Supporting Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is noticeably more prominent of an issue than it ever has been and with that comes an even larger discussion. Instead of being viewed as a two-sides issue, mostly between black citizens and police officers, it’s now reaching new audiences among a variety of people of color.

Asian American activists, in particular, saw this as an opportunity to reach out to other members of their community to explain what exactly Black Lives Matter is trying to achieve and why it deserves their support.

Law Professor Schools Students After Complaint About Black Lives Matter Shirt

A unidentified law professor at an unidentified law school is receiving praise for schooling their students on everything that’s right about Black Lives Matter.  A first-year student’s initial criticisms of the professor wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt to lecture resulted in the professor boiling down their entire argument into a “premise” and “critique” breakdown.

Issa Rae Raises More than $650K For Alton Sterling’s Family

When Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rogue police, many felt both a great loss and helpless. Issa Rae, the actor-producer responsible for her Awkward Black Girl YouTube series and her forthcoming HBO series, Insecure, has stepped up to provide an outlet.

Rae, like many others, saw the pain on the face of Sterling’s family following his death – especially his son. To help, she decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to support all of Sterling’s children and their plans to go to college. As of writing, the campaign has collected more than $650,000

The Importance of Mental Health After Major Tragedies

I turned 24 years old on Wednesday, the same day I watched two black men lay lifeless after being shot by police officers.

Then I watched the aftermath of a sniper attack in downtown Dallas, interrupting a peaceful protest as an opportunity to cause pain and instill fear. I’ve laughed, cried, fought sleep and passed out due to exhaustion this week. Yet, these experiences are likely being felt by millions of people across the country along with me. 

It Looks Like The Academy Is Actually Listening To People Of Color

Maybe all of our griping and organizing around the lack of people of color awarded by the Academy is finally paying off. Maybe.

A few days ago, I sat in a room full of activists as they worked their way through a variety of issues that occur in their spaces. One of these was the challenge of avoiding exhaustion and complete burnout due to the constant fighting for a cause and, ultimately, feeling like you’re tallying up far fewer wins than losses.

My thinking on this problem is that the effects of social activism usually can’t be quantified until much later on. By trying to change an entire world’s thinking on certain issues, there’s no sort of instant gratification involved. A leader could spend their entire career fighting for equality and not see any significant change until years, or even decades, later. 


Michelle Obama Takes Sasha and Malia To Liberia For New Girl’s Education Initiative

The Obama women visited Liberia this past Monday to bring attention to the country’s rising dropout rates for girls following an Ebola outbreak. Schools were forced to close for months and students remained home due to the panic. Now, there’s a growing concern that their education has been stunted.

“This trip will allow the first lady to reach directly to publics of three important U.S. partners and talk about an issue that is important to all of us: The education of girls, and the empowerment of women and girls more broadly,” said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, according to CNN.