A Tribe Called Quest To Release Final Album

One of the hardest hits in 2016 came when we lost Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, a pillar of hip-hop culture. His death shook other members of the group, the hip-hop community and fans across the globe.

While the group had its fair share of conflicts and splits in the past, they were on pretty good terms at the time of Phife’s passing. Naturally, they started making music again – even if we didn’t know it at the time.

This dope video shows the history of social dance in 25 moves

Your dance of choice might be the Bop or the Milly Rock or the Running Man but, no matter what your favorite dance move is, you can relate to the Black cultural and community-based nature of ways to make your body rock. Now, you can watch a short film about the ways that social dance has evolved from our long history of using rhythm to communicate and connect with our kinfolk. It is pure magic.

Kid Cudi Reminded Me To Manage My Depression

Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager was released during my first semester in college.  After looking forward to it for weeks, I played it on my laptop as soon as it came out.

When it was over, I turned to my roommate and asked for his thoughts. He admitted that it was good, but ultimately not for him. Now that I’ve known him for more than six years, I can understand why.

Chicago Youth Dance Coalition Holds Back To School Dance Showcase On The South Side

Chicago’s South Side is viewed by many to be void of opportunity and progress. While there are surely things that can be worked on, that assumption is an exaggeration of the truth. On the contrary, there are often programs and events held throughout the city such as the Back to School Showcase that was held this past weekend. 

Lil Wayne Doesn’t Think Racism Exists Because White Kids Like His Music [VIDEO]

There have always been stories of people becoming seriously disillusioned when they reach a certain level of fame. Part of this may be because they’re living a level of privilege most of us will never reach. But that doesn’t justify being so out of touch that you’re convinced racism doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, that’s the predicament Lil Wayne has gotten himself into. 

Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Feels Like A Gift From God

By: Sam Fleming

Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange and Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are the only two albums that I feel truly changed my life. Maybe it is because I have played both so many times that they have soundtracked infinitely many memorable moments of my last few years, but both albums hold a special place in my heart and are critically acclaimed, groundbreaking projects from genre-defying artists.

Frank Ocean (Finally) Released New Music And Stopped Trolling The World

Frank Ocean’s follow-up album has been so highly sought after for so long that it made its way into urban legend territory.

After four long years, the singer has finally ended his long-term test of the world’s patience and delivered new music in two projects. The first was 45-minute visual album entitled Endless, which can be streamed on Apple Music, and the second was Blonde, which was formerly titled Boys Don’t Cry

Review: Kemba’s ‘Negus’ Brings A New Wave of Conscious


“Please don’t call me conscious/Don’t call it political/Please don’t deem this lyrical/These are negro spirituals,” Kemba mutters on the second track of his newest project Negus. These lyrics set the tone for this forebodingly beautiful album, and bring up a more potent point about hip-hop in general. Negus is not an album about black empowerment, it’s an album about striving for black excellence.

FM Supreme Drops ‘This Is Not A Drill’, Calls For Police Abolition

By: Sam Fleming

Chicago rapper and peace-activist Jessica Disu (also known as FM Supreme) has been killing it lately and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Standing behind her controversial message of abolishing the police, she has made appearances on the Fox News’ Kelly File and on other cable news networks attempting to bring attention to police violence in Chicago. In her newest track “This Is Not A Drill” she perfectly demonstrates the power and anger that hip-hop can portray, while still putting forth a strong political message.