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‘Alt-right’ white supremacists plan to hold rallies in nine cities this weekend

The “Alt-right” movement has been at the top of the news cycle following this past weekend’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. One would think that means they’d take a step back and wait for the heat to die down some. NOPE.

Instead, these white supremacist groups are looking to expand and sponsor rallies in as many as nine cities across the country this weekend. And they’re also denying any allegiance to the “Alt-right” and are identifying as “First Amendment supporters.”

Texas A&M cancels Sept. 11 “White Lives Matter” rally

Institutions are taking the time to be more cautious about allowing organizations to hold events on their campus following this past weekend’s horrific scene in Charlottesville, Virginia. They’re specifically thinking twice about welcoming known white supremacists – finally.

Texas A&M was being set up as the next battleground of racism and anti-racists during a scheduled “White Lives Matter” rally on Sept. 11. Thankfully, the university has cancelled the event in advance, according to Slate.

20-year-old Deandre Harris beaten at Charlottesville protest speaks out on experience

Deandre Harris, 20, is known throughout the world for the wrong reasons. Instead of his aspiring music career, he’s known for being the victim of a beating doled out by a group of white supremacists at this weekend’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va.

A photo was posted on Twitter that showed Harris on the ground as a group of men surround him with poles as they proceeded to hit him with them. Harris recently sat down for an interview with The Root about his horrific experience. 

Woman named Heather Heyer killed in car accident during Charlottesville white supremacist rally

**Trigger warning: vehicular violence, racial aggression**

An ugly scar that’s long been a part of the United States of America was exposed again this weekend as hundreds of white supremacists and racists gathered in Charlottesville, Va. to protest the removal of a Confederate statue.

The tone of the already tense environment took a turn for the worse when this group was met by counter-protestors who were against their open gathering based on hate and bigotry.

Betty Shelby, who shot and killed Terence Crutcher, is officially a cop again

Betty Shelby is returning to law enforcement. If the significance of the name somehow escapes you, Shelby is the former Tulsa police officer who shot an unarmed Terence Crutcher and was found not guilty by a jury.

In a move that’s not all that surprising once you consider the culture of police departments, a nearby department has jumped in to offer her a job, according to the Tulsa World. Shelby will join the neighboring Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, according to Sheriff Scott Walton.