Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame Arrested

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, one man decided to do what no one else would. James Otis, dressed as a city worker, located Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and got to work.

The public servant was captured on video taking an axe and breaking the star into pieces. He told Deadline that his original plan was to auction it off and use the proceeds to assist the women who have come out to accuse Trump of sexual assault and harassment. 


Survey: Young people agree that Trump supporters are deplorable, here’s what it reveals about ‘political correctness’

Donald Trump is deplorable. There is no use going over all the ways he has proven this—the constant and despicable attacks against women, Mexicans, Muslims, prisoners of war, those with disabilities, and “the Blacks” in inner cities who are apparently running around shooting each other willy-nilly and just need stop-and-frisk to end their mindless self-destruction, to name a few—because many articles have already been written outlining each increasingly heinous thing that escapes his lipless mouth.


We Need Revolution, Not Endorsements

It is true that the Movement for Black Lives is leaderless; it is also true that Deray McKesson has been dubbed the face of this same movement, and within his time as “The Face,” many people – including Black people – have come to critique his decisions. With his name most recently in the news for his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, we are given the gentle reminder that our community is not unified in its current demands and we cannot get caught up in the headlines that so often overshadow the work. 


The Folly Of White Allyship In An Era Of ‘Opt-Out’ Culture

This article was originally posted at Water Cooler Convos.

Last week, a group of Texas State University, San Marcos students walked out of class after their Anthropology professor discussed Black Lives Matter and suggested (correctly) that everyone descends from Africa, as reported by The Tab. While there are some conflicting accounts about what transpired that day, namely from the professor himself, the accounts from students suggest that there was at least some pushback about the historical origins of the human race specifically because it meant that we all come from African Diasporic peoples.


Black Comic Book Store Owner Featured On ‘Invincible Iron Man’ Variant Cover

Variant covers for Invincible Iron Man have wound up on both ends of the spectrum in regards to public opinion. The bad side was visited just last week and resulted in a cover being cancelled after receiving backlash. But the good now comes in a gesture just as powerful.

A recently revealed cover from Randy Green depicts Riri Williams, who’s next up to become Iron Man, sharing a cup of coffee with Ariell Johnson, the founder and president of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. in Philadelphia. Johnson is the firs black woman to own a comic book store on the entire east coast.

Daniel Pantaleo

Justice Department To Charge Cop For Eric Garner’s Death

Update: Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, has released a statement regarding the Justice Department’s decision to switch the investigation team.

Eric Garner was killed on a street corner in New York City more than two years ago when an NYPD officer placed him in an unlawful chokehold. The investigation into the incident has been ongoing since and has barely bore any fruit.

However, the Justice Department’s recent decision to switch out the New York-based FBI investigators with a new team from Washington D.C. already appears to be changing that. 



By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Liane Golightly has finally decided who she’ll vote for on Election Day. Hillary Clinton is not a choice the 30-year-old Republican would have predicted, nor one that excites her. But the former supporter of Ohio Gov. John Kasich says it’s the only choice she can make.

“I kind of wish it were somebody else, somebody that I could really get behind 100 percent,” said Golightly, an educator from Monroe, Michigan. She’s voting for Clinton, she said, only because she can’t stomach “childish” Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, smiles while speaking during a campaign event in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S., on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Tuesday night's New York primary not only ended a multi-state losing streak for current front-runners Donald Trump and Clinton, who won roughly 60 percent of the vote each, but also moved them an important step closer to the general election.

GenForward Poll: Hillary Clinton Gains Sharply Among Young White Voters

The new October GenForward Survey of young voters finds that Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton has made major gains in the past month with young white voters, up from 27% last month to 35% in October, placing her in the lead over Trump (who is at 21%) with young whites. Even so, Trump supporters have dug in their heels: most people who supported Trump before the leaked Access Hollywood tapes still support him.