Black Lives Matter To Sue Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority

Before Laquan McDonald or Quintonio LeGrier were killed by Chicago police officers, the murder of Rekia Boyd was the primary focus of many concerned citizens within the Chicago community. Boyd was shot in the back of the head by police officer Dante Servin after he shot into a crowd in 2012. He was acquitted of a charge of involuntarily manslaughter this past April in a very controversial case.

U of C Campus

University of Chicago Fraternity Racist Emails Leaked

Fraternity culture on college campuses can be controversial for a lot of reasons. The hyper-masculinity that comes from the all-male environment is only made worse when it’s full of young white men who are constantly trying to prove themselves to each other through problematic traditions.

Every now and then, something in the extremely private community of campus greek life leaks out to the public and exposes its much darker side. The most recent revelation involves a fraternity at the University of Chicago and leaked racist emails.


First Trailer Released For Miles Davis Biopic ‘Miles Ahead,’ Starring Don Cheadle

For a decade, Don Cheadle has been tied to the Miles Davis biopic entitled Miles Ahead. Ever since he was chosen to play the famous jazz musician in 2006, Davis has worked tirelessly to bring the beautiful, complex image he crafted in his mind onto the big screen. It even led to him becoming the film’s director.


Activist DeRay McKesson Is Officially Running For Mayor Of Baltimore

One of the biggest slights that people hold against activists, whistle blowers, and watchdogs is that they can often seem perfectly willing to stand aside and criticize others in political leadership without actually doing something to change the system. Well, prominent activist DeRay McKesson is proving this narrative wrong.

McKesson has earned a reputation as one of the more prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. He also cofounded Campaign Zero, an organization that seeks to end police violence. Over recent years, McKesson’s participation in marches and other demonstrations has provoked conversation on social media and drawn attention to the injustices facing Black people. He recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to speak about dismantling white privilege. And now, to show that he’s not just another person looking to point out problems with no intention to fix them, McKesson has announced that he’ll officially be running for mayor of his native Baltimore.

Sarah Reed London

Sarah Reed, Woman Beaten by Police on Video, Found Dead In Cell

Sarah Reed was only 30 years old at the time of her death last month. What makes her name the most recent addition to the rapidly growing  list of names being remembered on social media is that she died in police custody under mysterious circumstances.

For starters, Reed had been subjected to police brutality and violence while in custody. After being arrested for shoplifting in 2012, she was assaulted by a police officer named James Kiddie. Surveillance footage showed Kiddie grab Reed by her hair, kick and hit her in the head. The officer was eventually found guilty of “common assault” and sentenced to a 150-hour community order. Kiddie was later dismissed from his police duties after the video was released, according to The Independent.


Black Children Are More Likely to Be Beaten By Their Teachers

As a mother of three, one of the central concerns I have each is for the safety of my children. While my partner and I have opted not to use corporal punishment in our household, we know that some parents still advocate for its use in their own homes. However, corporal punishment in schools is something (I thought) was a thing of the past. Apparently it isn’t and it is happening far too frequently to Black children.