Couple Fined For Not Removing Racist Graffiti They Found On Their Home

An interracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut is taking a stand against the harassment they’ve received because of their relationship and local police’s inability to find those responsible.

Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles returned home on Jan. 14 to find “N*GGER” spray-painted on their garage door. Since then, the disgusting mark remains, despite the threat of $100 daily fines and potential criminal charges. 

UC Berkeley Adds Space For Black Students

In 1995, the University of California ended race-based enrollment practices meant to balance out its student population. As a result, the current percentage of Black students enrolled in lower than 3 percent. More than 20 years later, UC Berkeley took a step towards affirming its black student population by opening the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center.

D.C. Teacher Explains How The Famous ‘Du-Rag Lesson’ Happened

Last week, a video circulated online that showed Patrick Harris showing a group of his D.C. Public School students how to properly wear a du-rag. Most who watched it saw a pleasant exchange between mesmerized first graders and a teacher giving them an extra life lesson. So, we talked with Harris to learn more about the video and what motivates his work.

Chicago Principals Told Not To Allow ICE Officials School Access Without Warrants

Chicago Public Schools is doing what it can to help support students who would be affected by President Trump’s recent crackdown on immigration. As a start, the school system has informed principals that they shouldn’t grant immigration enforcement officials access to school property without warrants.