Notre Dame graduates walk out during Mike Pence commencement

It may be time for Vice President Mike Pence to stop showing up where he isn’t wanted. If being called out by the cast of Hamilton was bad enough, he recently joined the ranks of politicians being booed and ignored while delivering commencements for college graduates.

While Pence was delivering the commencement at the University of Notre Dame and receiving an honorary degree, dozens of graduates stood up and walked out of the ceremony. 

When I, a Black person, was told I didn’t know enough about another culture to have opinions on slavery

Last week, something Trumpian must have sparked a race between major publications to put out the most fucked up writings on the topic of slavery.

On Tuesday, The New York Times compared Saartje Baartman–an enslaved Black woman who, in addition to the many other horrors she suffered both before and after her death, was forced to perform in freak shows due to her curvaceousness–to Kim Kardashian. Not to be outdone, The Atlantic’s June cover story, “My Family’s Slave”, written by the late Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Tizon, ignited an even bigger controversy with the tale of an abused Filipino maid, Eudocia “Lola” Tomas Pulida, who spent 56 years taking care of Tizon and his family without pay.

Three arrested in connection to murder of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier

Ebony Archie left her car running with her son asleep in the back seat when she stopped at a grocery store on Thursday. When she came back outside, her car and her son, Kingston Frazier, were both missing. They were both found, with the six-year-old shot dead in the backseat, hours later, according to the New York Times.

Local police have arrested three suspects in connection to Frazier’s death. Dwan Wakefield, D’Allen Washington, and Byron McBride will all be charged with capital murder and are being held without bail. McBride, the oldest of the trip at 19 years old, was allegedly the one to pull the trigger.

Chicago man charged after punching Black woman security guard, Zoa Stigler, on camera

Zoa Stigler was just doing her job this past weekend when she stopped to help Matthew De Leon. De Leon, 23, was throwing up outside of a building where Stigler, 46, was working as a security guard early Sunday morning.

After Stigler asked if he needed any help, she asked him and his friends to move so she could wash the vomit off the sidewalk. De Leon then threw a bottle of water at her and punched her in the face. 

Betty Shelby Found Not Guilty For Fatal Shooting of Terence Crutcher

Betty Jo Shelby has been found not guilty of first degree manslaughter charges connected to the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher.

In another controversial ruling following an equally controversial shooting, the Tulsa, Okla. police officer was apparently “elated” after jurors read the ruling. Meanwhile, Crutcher’s family was escorted out of the courtroom due to their emotional reaction, according to CBS News

Kids in Flint will get aid to prevent lead poisoning, but only if they didn’t move away

Whenever the government steps in to try and help residents in Flint, Mich., something always seems to go wrong. In what should be viewed as a step forward, thousands of families in Flint will receive nutritional aid to help prevent the effects of lead exposure. The effort will cost an additional $7 million in nutritional food assistance. However, the only families who will get help are the ones who still live in Flint, according to the Detroit Free Press.