The cost of hope

2008 feels so long ago, and the feelings I had then are so foreign now. But I remember clearly how a handsome, brilliant, and charming Black man once convinced me and so many other Black folks to hope for the world to change. I remember how he assured me that the violence of anti-Blackness I experienced as a Black kid living in America’s poorest city would one day be no more, despite there being no reckoning with the sins of this country’s past. I remember all of his promises to help make that happen.

NAACP President Demands Trump Apologize To Rep. John Lewis

The biggest drama in the media this week doesn’t involve celebrities, athletes or even reality TV stars. Instead, it’s centered on two men in their 70’s.

After saying that he would be boycotting the President-elect’s inauguration after deeming him as “illegitimate,” Rep. John Lewis was the target of Trump’s Twitter fingers. Trump’s tweets called out Lewis for being “All talk, talk, talk – no action or results.”

Steve Harvey Apologizes To Asian American Community After Racist Jokes

During a January 6 episode of The Steve Harvey Show, the comedian found himself continuing a trope that’s long been a part of the comedy genre – emasculating Asian men.

After commenting on a 2002 book entitled How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men, the veteran comedian and television host went off on a tangent about a perceived lack of sex appeal in Asian men. 

Steve Harvey Meets With Donald Trump, Internet (Including DL Hughley) Reacts Accordingly

To date, President-Elect Donald Trump’s interaction with Black people has been mostly limited to making vague promises from the safety of rooms full of white faces, painting inner cities as urban dystopias and posing for a few pictures with a couple black celebrities.

Kanye West came under harsh scrutiny for meeting with Trump shortly after being released after the hospital following what’s suspected to be a mental breakdown. The latest Black celeb to make the same mistake and end up in the Internet’s crosshairs after visiting Trump Tower was famed comedian and host Steve Harvey.

Biloxi, Miss. Tried To Rename MLK Day And Didn’t Think We’d Notice

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

It’s a day meant to reflect on the legacy of one of the most iconic figures in civil rights and social justice the world has ever known. Millions are given the opportunity to continue his missions and recall his values – which means all of them, not just the ones mainstream America’s conveniently cherry-picked over time.

Well, that’s what the day is for most of the United States. Residents in Biloxi, Mississippi felt differently and came under fire for it.