New York Prosecutors Classify White Supremacist Attack An Act of Terrorism

For whatever reason, the American public seems to have a problem with labeling attacks by white men on U.S. soil as what they are – terrorism. This is a struggle even when the attack in question is carried out by a white supremacist with a noted hate for marginalized people, namely Black people.

James Harris Jackson’s fatal attack on Timothy Caughman, who was a 66-year-old man committed to helping others, in his solo crusade against Black people is being called what it is – an act of terror – by New York prosecutors, according to WABC.

How femmephobia and the gender binary caused me to hate myself

By Latonya Pennington

Until recently, gender identity and expression made me feel like a mannequin that has to be dressed up and put into poses. It started when my mother would make me wear this pink, puffy dress when visiting my dad while he worked and lived overseas. The dress just didn’t feel like me. Even after only wearing it for a few hours, it felt confining and uncomfortable–like a costume.

Hawaiian Rep. Beth Fukumoto’s Departure from GOP Raises Questions About Millennials and the Republican Party

News stories about GOP women feeling “betrayed” by the Republican Party have been breaking since late 2016. Sometimes the breakups come with drama and fanfare. At other times, GOP women, like Hawaiian Rep. Beth Fukumoto, choose clear and measurable actions that inevitably lead them to seek political asylum with the Democratic Party. But, what do these recent shifts say about the Republican Party, millennials, and women?

Google Opens Howard West Campus To Foster More Black STEM Careers

The journey to diversify the STEM industry has been long and hasn’t bore much fruit. Just a few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg spoke to students at an HBCU about how the responsibility to do so falls solely on the industry’s leaders themselves.

Google has stepped up with a major investment into the future of engineering by opening a new campus that will cater to Black college students, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Diddy’s Revolt TV Sued For Firing Old White Men

Douglas Goodstein and four other Caucasian producers are firing back at Sean “Diddy” Combs and his company Revolt TV because they feel they were treated unfairly and fired because they were white. And over 39 years old.

The team of producers filed a Manhattan Supreme Court suit and claim that they were regularly treated “worse than other employees who were younger and African-American,” according to Page Six.

California Waiter Fired After Four Latina Women For ‘Proof of Residency’

Diana Carrillo, her sister and two friends were so shocked about what had just transpired that it didn’t hit them until moments later.

While preparing to enjoy a quality meal at Saint Marc in Huntington Beach, California, the four Latina women were approached by a waiter who insisted that he couldn’t serve them until they showed proof of residency. 

Desmond Phillips Killed By Police During Mental Health Episode

Many of the deaths at the hands of police are underscored by a common thread of mental health needs that often goes ignored by the public. The latest example of a black person being killed while suffering from an “episode” is Desmond Phillips, 25, who was shot after his father called police to their shared apartment in Chico, California.