Chicago Aldermen Will Vote On Future Of Street Performers Known as ‘Bucket Boys’

Whether you’re driving past the expressway or walking down State Street, every Chicagoan knows the familiar sound of drumsticks clanging on plastic buckets. These street performers, which are almost always young Black men, are commonly referred to as “bucket boys” and mostly accepted as a part of the city’s culture.

Apparently, a select portion of the city’s population feels differently about them and are hoping that a group of aldermen will vote to crack down on their ability to perform downtown on Wednesday, according to WBEZ.

Virginia University Responds To Racist Video Featuring Gun & Trump Mask

The delivery of threats to inflict harm on black bodies may evolve with the times, but the tools used in these threats – such as masks, firearms and anonymity – have always been staples.

A video began circulating online of an individual wearing a Donald Trump mask, wearing a t-shirt that read “My president is white” and brandishing a handgun as hip-hop-inspired music played in the background full of references to stereotypes about Black people.

Producer Jahaan Sweet Speaks Black Art and the Joke that Helped Him Graduate from Julliard

By: Imani J. Jackson

Asking people how they self-identify is more instructive than presumptively assigning them labels. So I asked Jahaan Sweet, during a recent hour-long, sit-down interview in an artsy enclave, who he is. “I consider myself a music maker.” He added that he is a burgeoning businessman, “I just like to create shit.” That spirit of Black creation, whether during the Depression Era Harlem Renaissance or Reagan Era rap movement, continues to thrive despite our oppressive conditions.

Delta Passenger Calls Police Because Rapper Mykki Blanco Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

Mykki Blanco, a queer rapper and performer, detailed his experiences after taking a short flight on Delta Airlines from Toronto to Detroit in which a fellow passenger called the police. According to Blanco’s retelling of the incident, the passenger claimed he wasn’t comfortable with “someone like [Blanco]” boarding the plane.

Blanco stated that he slept the entire flight and that there was no interaction between himself and the passenger, but police still took the complaining passenger’s side in the blatantly homophobic incident, according to Jezebel.

Black Students at University of Wisconsin-Madison Demand Free Tuition

Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) are referred to as such because they’re mostly just that and the gap between them and most diverse schools is quite considerable. To address this disparity in racial representation, Black students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have made demands of their University. They are not playing games.

According to The Associated Press, the Associated Students of Madison sent university officials a resolution demanding that Black students receive free tuition in response to the negative effects slavery and a history of racism has had on Black students’ attempts to achieve a higher education.