US President Barack Obama speaks to the press following a meeting with financial regulators at the White House in Washington, DC, on March 7, 2016 to receive an update on their progress in implementing Wall Street reform. / AFP / Nicholas Kamm

Obama says Sexism Might Cost Clinton Voters. And Water is Wet.

President Obama has been touring the nation, campaigning with Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. On Sunday, while speaking at a fundraiser in New York City, President Obama said Clinton could lose some votes because some people have biases against women. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. Sexism is as is American as apple pie and racism–so why is it “news” that Obama recognized it in this election cycle?


I Might Be ‘With Her’ For Now…

This article was originally posted at Water Cooler Convos.

I am reluctantly writing this piece. Both because I am still unsure about my exact sentiments on Hillary Clinton as the preponderant answer to our nation’s lingering political issues and simultaneously dissatisfied with the notion that her candidacy has been reduced to what lies “between Donald Trump and the presidency.” But, I think its time to move beyond that.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Build Black Futures Advocacy Day

Earlier this year BYP100 released the Agenda to Build Black Futures, followed by A Vision For Black Lives policy platform that they signed on to this summer, both of which spread wide in the digital space. Last week BYP100 and the National Black Justice Coalition joined each other in Washington, D.C. to take both platforms from the digital space to the congressional space for the first Build Black Futures Advocacy Day. This was a huge step in the Movement, as members of congress on both sides of the aisle have struggled to understand the Movement and it’s asks of our government.


Gazebo Where Tamir Rice Was Shot Being Sent To Chicago

The gazebo where Tamir Rice was shot by Cleveland Police for holding a toy gun has become a landmark of sorts. It’s turned into a place for collective mourning and a reminder of the same justice system that allowed the officers to walk away free.

The physical reminder of Rice’s death, and, to be quite honest, a somber memorial to black death, is being moved to the South Side of Chicago. 


Black Students At American University Are Being Harassed With Bananas

The semester before I started classes at the University of Missouri, two students were arrested for throwing cotton balls across the lawn of the Black Culture Center. During my second semester there, a student spray-painted the words “N****r Month” on a statue directly outside of my residence hall. A year after I graduated, students finally had enough and initiated a boycott that led to the UM System President Tim Wolfe resigning.

My alma mater is no anomaly. The events leading up to the 2015 protests are all too common on college campuses across the nation. The most recent to come out to condemn these actions that are usually dealt with in the dark is American University in Washington D.C.


Authorities Capture New York, New Jersey Bombing Suspect

Tensions seemed to constantly grow this weekend following an explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, followed by the location of multiple bombs in both New York and New Jersey.

After a shootout with police, authorities have captured Ahmad Khan Rahami, who they claim is a prime suspect in the bombings. Rahami was also injured and brought out in a stretcher with one arm covered in blood, according to CNN.