Leaked Trump Tax Forms Inspire Conflicting Reactions

Ever since he started his campaign, President Donald Trump has made it clear that he would break from tradition and wouldn’t releases his taxed to the public. Many suspected that this was his way of avoiding a major hit in the polls due to suspicion of illicit business practices.

However, yesterday was filled with anticipation as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow announced that she’d obtained Trump’s tax forms and would reveal them on her show later that night. 

Four Signs That You Might Subscribe to the Politics of Respectability

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One of the most irritating byproducts of this new era of being “woke” is the increased numbers of people who read one Martin Luther King, Jr speech or saw one thing Angela Davis said that one time or found an Audre Lorde quote on the Internet and now they have discovered Black liberation theory, Black Feminism, and Black queer praxis. While it is admirable that more people are interested in assessing their roles in anti-Black racism and queerantagonistic systems of control, it can be frustrating when these individuals prop themselves up as exemplars of social justice without the foreknowledge of those efforts that preceded them.

ICYMI: Check Out This Video Of Celebs Who Want You To Know James Baldwin’s Legacy

Not everyone has seen the new James Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro (2016) yet. So, Mic has created a new video comprised of stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong’o, Common, Chris Rock, Yara Shahidi and so many others who want you to “read James Baldwin” and know they iconic thinker whose work lies at the foundation of much of the movement building work that is happening today.

Parents Outraged After Students Asked To Make Slavery Auction Posters

What’s so appealing about slavery that half-baked imitations of it keep appearing in our schools? Initially, the problem came up whenever a mostly white high school or a white HBCU professor held mock slave auctions. Now, an elementary school in New Jersey is dealing with the backlash of thinking it was a good idea to have students draw slave auction posters.

Muhammad Ali Jr. Was Detained At An Airport, Again

Last month, Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained with his mother, Muhammad Ali’s first wife, and many suspected it was because of their ties to the Nation of Islam. After speaking to Congress about his experience with the Transportation Security Administration, Ali was detained yet again while boarding a flight back to Fort Lauderdale, according to The New York Times.