University of Ghana To Remove Gandhi Statue Because Of His Anti-Blackness

Some people know that Mahatma Gandhi didn’t like black people but many others don’t due to his legacy as a pillar of civil rights. There’s evidence of his racial issues since he called Africans ‘kaffirs,” a derogatory term for black people, in a speech given back in 1896. In response to these types of statements, the University of Ghana recently announced that they’ll be removing a statue of Gandhi from its main campus after a group of lecturers and students voiced their concerns.


DOJ Finds San Francisco’s Police Department Suffers From Bias

It wasn’t really a secret that San Francisco’s police department suffered from the same racial issues that many stations across the country are plagued with. In fact, the are currently managing a scandal that involved multiple officers sending racist text messages.

To confirm that these racial undertones affect the department’s police work, the Department of Justice just released their findings after a six-month investigation, according to The Los Angeles Times.


Nick Cannon Visits D.C. Jail For Weekly Howard Coursework

The historically Black, Washington D.C. located Howard University has been the home to celebrities ever since it opened its doors in the mid-19th century – including celebrities who enrolled in classes after reaching the height of their celebrity. The latest to do so is none other than actor and television host Nick Cannon.

Cannon has been noticeably more public with his support for social activism and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months and he’s now working to educate himself so that he can do it the best way for all parties.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union Sues BET For $3M Over ‘Being Mary Jane’ Contract

While fans mostly only get to see the finished product once it airs on our televisions, laptops and tablets, a lot of work goes into making TV shows work. There’s often tension on set between departments, multiple plot directions to choose from and even your occasional contract dispute.

Gabrielle Union, star of BET’s Being Mary Jane filed a lawsuit against the television network this past Tuesday with claims that they’re attempting to maneuver their way out of paying her what was established in her contract.

screenshot from The 13th official trailer

Review of ‘The 13th’: When Art Imitates Life, We Have to Ask “What’s Next?”

Regardless of where you are in your political education, Ava DuVernay’s documentary The 13th was pretty well done.

Weaving the staggering numbers of rising incarceration rates with the insights of prominent activists, journalists, and academics coupled with a soundtrack that highlights the connectedness of mass incarceration to Black realities, it is a signature piece of art imitating life. The 13th brought many conversations around systematic racism that usually happen in select circles to a potentially larger audience, but I’m not sure if anyone besides the usual “woke” circle sat in on this one, and if they did – what now?


Floyd Mayweather: “I’m Here To Say All Lives Matter”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., is no stranger to controversy, given his role both in and out of the boxing ring. At best, he’s an antihero and, at worst, he’s the villain that hasn’t lost yet with an undefeated record to show for it. But what he is a stranger to, is politics. Which made it that much more surprising when he took it upon himself to comment on the tension building between police and citizens of color today.

ANGOLA, LA - APRIL 23:  An inmate holds onto a fence during the Angola Prison Rodeo at the Louisiana State Penitentiary April 23, 2006 in Angola, Louisiana. The Angola Prison Rodeo, opened in 1965, is the longest running prison rodeo in the nation. The 10,000 seat arena was built entirely by inmate labor. The prison holds approximately 5,000 male inmates, 68 percent of whom are serving life sentences.

Justice Department To Investigate Alabama Prison Where Inmates Went On Strike

The prison strike that’s been occurring across the country still hasn’t been picked up by major news sources despite the major impact it could have on the justice system. Perhaps that will change now that the Department of Justice has gotten involved.

The DOJ has released a statement saying that they’ll be investigating the conditions in all of Alabama’s state prisons, including the W.C. Holman Correctional Facility, which was where inmates held a work strike and an entire shift’s worth of corrections officers didn’t show up one day.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calls Kaepernick’s Protests ‘Dumb and Disrespectful’

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the latest to offer up her opinion on the racial climate in the United States and the reactions its brought out of many people. She mainly had something to say about Colin Kaepernick’s protest against the National Anthem, which has garnered both support and pushback both across the NFL and country.

While interviewing with Katie Couric, Ginsburg said that she feels Kaepernick’s protest is “dumb and disrespectful” but that she understands his legal right to do so.