Lawsuit claims Howard University mishandled multiple instances of rape and sexual assault

A new lawsuit is offering a glimpse into how Howard University mishandled multiple instances of rape and sexual assault on its Washington D.C. campus. The lawsuit claims that five current and former female students reported being victims of rape and sexual assault only for school officials to move slowly, if at all, reports Fox 5.

14-Year-Old graduates college with a degree in Physics

For many parents, a day comes when you can’t help your kids with their homework anymore because 6th grade math isn’t as easy as it used to be. Imagine facing that humbling moment when your kid isn’t even a teenager yet. That would understandably be the case for a lot of us if we had a child as intellectually gifted as Carson Huey-You.

At the young age of 14, Huey-You is already graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Physics with a double minor in math and Chinese, according to NBCDFW.

Bank Black Movement OneUnited

Yes, Black liberals commodify Black Lives Matter too and it’s a major problem

By Blake Simons

The present day Movement for Black Lives, which I argue was revived by the people of Oakland after the murder of Oscar Grant, and came into fruition because of the rebellion that working class Black folks started in Ferguson after the murder of Mike Brown, has been co-opted by Black capitalistic neo-liberals.

99% of students arrested in New York public schools are Black and Latinx

Black and Latinx students in New York public schools only make up 27% and 41% of the population, respectively. However, data shows that they represent 99% of students handcuffed by NYPD school safety agents in 2016.

The New York Civil Liberties Union found that 259 out of 262 “child in crisis” incidents involved Black or Latinx students, according to The New York Daily News

15-Year-Old snags NBA partnership for his bowtie company

Mo’s Bows is a success story that only gets more inspiring as time goes on. At only the age of 11, Moziah “Mo” Bridges and his mother appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank looking for an investor for their company that sold neck and bowties. They didn’t walk away with an investor, but they did leave with a new mentor from Daymond John.

Mo’s Bows had quadrupled in sales and established relationships with many manufacturers. Nieman Marcus became a partner not long after their appearance on the show. Somehow finding a way to outdo himself even more, Bridges has finalized a partnership with the NBA, according to Forbes.

Betsy DeVos booed during commencement at Bethune-Cookman

Graduating students at Bethune-Cookman University were as shocked as everyone else when it was announced Betsy DeVos would be speaking at their graduation. Probably more so. While many people expressed their disapproval of the school’s decision to invite her on social media and through online petitions, the graduates took the opportunity to do so in the flesh.

As DeVos attempted to preach to all in attendance to “hear each other out,” she was met with constant heckling and the turned backs of many of the graduates who clearly didn’t approve of her presence. 

California bar celebrated Cinco de Mayo with fake border wall and green cards

Cinco de Mayo is second on the list of holidays people use to be racist. The top one goes for Halloween where everyone is a target at the same time. In what’s become a tragic tradition of racist practices, a bar in Orange County, Calif. came under fire after using every stereotype possible to “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Ohio teacher fired after dragging toddler down hallway

Schools are where families send their children to both learn and be kept safe for a few hours. At least, in theory. Unfortunately, there’s what appears to be a constant stream of children being out in harms way instead, no matter their age. The latest example of a child being put in danger while in the care of a school occurred in Youngstown, Ohio, according to WKBN.

Cops Outta Campus

Phoenix high school students launch #CopsOuttaCampus to remove officers from schools

High school students and activists in Phoenix are fighting back against the presence of school resource officers (SROs). They argue that their presence doesn’t offer any kind of safety or improve education, but does strengthen the school-to-prison and school-to-deportation pipelines. The 15 students, all from the Phoenix Union High School District, launched a #CopsOuttaCampus hashtag to support their cause, according to USA Today. Puente Arizona is a local immigrants-rights organization that helped the students organize an even this past Thursday where they expressed their concerns.