Kansas State Student Expelled For Posting Selfie In Blackface

According to Paige Shoemaker, a former student at Kansas State University, her group of friends found it appropriate, and even funny, to wear blackface, throw up hand signs and caption a photo with the words “Feels good to finally be a n****r.”

Fortunately, KSU didn’t feel the same and the student has been expelled from the school after a picture she took made its way to Twitter. 


University of Pennsylvania Cheerleaders Protest National Anthem

Protests against the national anthem during football games have been occurring across the nation on all levels of the sport following Colin Kaepernick’s demonstration last month. It’s been under an especially bright spotlight given that football is unofficially considered to be “America’s favorite sport.” But that’s not keeping the movement from spreading.


Why Increased Enrollment At Historically Black Colleges and Universities Is Not Enough

By: Imani J. Jackson

Black people in America cope with everything from daily race-based micro-aggressions to police officers killing us with impunity. These realities lead some young people to seek schools that do not hyper-police blackness or seek to eliminate black people altogether — environments that normalize the African Diaspora. So, it isn’t surprising that several HBCUs are reporting freshmen enrollment surges. Even students who started their educational journeys in other environments, like predominantly white institutions (PWIs), are transferring to HBCUs too. But, the question remains: will attending HBCUs to escape persecution at PWIs do enough to protect students from other forms of exclusion and oppression?


Columbus Police Shoot 13-Year-Old For Allegedly Reaching For BB Gun

Columbus police have shot a 13-year-old boy during a chase when he allegedly reached for a BB gun. According to NBC, officers were responding to a call of an armed robbery where the victim was robbed of $10. When police arrived on the scene and saw three young boys matching the suspects’ description, two of them fled, including Tyre King. 


Steve Jobs’ Widow Offers $10 Million To School For Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

The public education system, specifically for high schools, as we know is dated.  The main problem with this is that while the education system hasn’t changed much over generations, the skills students need to succeed in the real world and the obstacles in the way of obtaining a quality education have evolved immensely.

To help close the gap, Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, is funding a project that could make education more flexible for students that need it the most. 


This Video Debunks The Myth Of ‘Black On Black Crime’

There are many sayings about Black communities that go unquestioned. One of the most prominent ones is the term “Black on Black crime.” In a new video, The Root is showing exactly why the myth of “Black on Black crime” is completely out of step with the historical racism and segregation that created and diminished many predominantly Black communities in the first place.


Colin Powell Slams Presidential Candidates In Leaked Emails

The current presidential election is so divisive that everyone seems to be expressing the negative opinions about the candidates. Former high ranking politicians are clearly no exception.

Initially reported by Buzzfeed, former Secretary of State Colin Powell held nothing back when he took shots at both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in emails that were recently leaked by


Simone Biles Opens Up About ADHD Following Medical Records Leak

Russian hackers recently accessed the World Anti-Doping Agency’s database and leaked the private medical records of top Olympic athletes such as Venus and Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

Among Biles listed records was a positive test result for a drug called methylphenidate, which is commonly known as Ritalin and mostly banned in Olympic competition. However, Biles saw the opportunity to come forward and explain that the WADA gave her an exception because she takes the drug to treat her ADHD.