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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Felt Like More Of The Same With A Little Blackness On Top

With Captain America: Civil War the clockwork-like efficiency of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is on full display. Nearly a decade after it was kicked off with Iron Man (2008), Marvel has perfected its formula which mixes a blend of humor, light pathos, and bright-eyed optimism. The problem is the cracks in this methodology are beginning to show and these films desperately need to start coloring outside of the lines.

In Civil War, the strengths of the MCU brand—reliance on quips, increasingly smooth easily commodified storytelling, exceeding lightness—feel like weaknesses. As the superhero genre continues to balloon Marvel’s desire to tell the same types of stories with the same types of characters is proving to be increasingly rote.

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John Amos Says ‘Roots’ Remake Signals Hollywood Is “Creatively Bankrupt”

Almost 40 years ago, the Roots mini-series became the most watched program in television history at the time. The in-depth look at the generational effects slavery had on all involved parties was eye-opening for millions.

The History Channel recently announced a remake that will premiere on May 30th as part of a four-night event. John Amos recently sat down with Huffington Post to talk about how Roots impacted his life after playing an adult Kunta Kinte and shared his thoughts on the remake. 

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Washington D.C. Has More Homeless Kids and Parents Than Single Adults

Homelessness plagues people in localities across nearly the entire world. While it’s nothing new, those that study it are growing concerned because it seems to be changing for the worse over time.

The Washington Post reports that there are now more homeless children and parents in Washington D.C. than single adults, which changes what many considered to be the face of homelessness. 

Josh Williams Ferguson

20-Year-Old Ferguson Protestor Serving 8-Year Prison Sentence

Josh Williams was one of the youngest participants during the 2014 protests in Ferguson, MO yet he’s serving one of the longest sentences tied to them.

Williams, 20, is currently five months into an eight-year prison sentence in Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, MO. According to the Huffington Post, he pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree arson, second-degree burglary and a misdemeanor for stealing in Dec. 2015. 

West Point Cadets

West Point Clears 16 Cadets Of “Political Expression” Violation

16 black female cadets at The United States Military Academy at West Point came under fire after a photo circulated the Internet showing them posing with their fists raised in a “black power” salute.

Some felt that they violated the military’s protocol against any form of “political expression” and were supporting Black Lives Matters protests. We at Black Youth Project weren’t among them.

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‘Queen of Katwe’ Trailer and ‘Black Panther’ Casting Puts Lupita Nyong’o In the Spotlight

After winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 2013 film 12 Years A Slave Lupita Nyong’o’s film career didn’t catapult in the ways fans expected. But it looks like she’s coming back into the spotlight with the release of the Queen of Katwe trailer and news of her potential casting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Cast In Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

After it was announced that Ryan Coogler would be directing Marvel’s Black Panther film many hoped that the stars would align and find a way to get his close friend Michael B. Jordan somewhere in the project. According to the Root, fans of Coogler, Jordan and T’Challa will be getting their wish and the band’s getting back together.

Michael Slager

Former South Carolina Officer Faces Federal Charges In Walter Scott Shooting

About a year ago, in April 2015, a video shocked the masses when it showed what clearly appeared to be a police officer shooting a fleeing black man in the back and then planting a taser by his dead body.

Michael Slager, the former South Carolina officer that was captured in the video shooting Walter Scott, has been brought up on three federal charges on top of the state charges, including murder, he’s already facing, according to HuffPost.


How Digital Media Aids—And Complicates—The Struggle for Justice

Black organizers are still mobilizing against police brutality, divestment from communities and other facets of institutionalized racism. And while digital media is hailed as their key tool in fostering connectivity and documenting information in real time, the use of media sites like Twitter and Facebook has presented its own challenges regarding issues of surveillance and action turnout.

Emmanuel AME

Families of Emanuel AME Massacre Victims Dismayed At Donation Distributions

The Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. has received more than $3 million in donations since nine people were shot down inside of its walls. $1.5 million of that money was given to the families of the late victims. However, some have concerns about the distribution process.

Because much of the money the church received didn’t have a specified recipient, the decision of how to divide and distribute it was ultimately the church’s responsibility. As a result, the church chose to keep $1.8 million for itself to devote to future repairs and establishing an endowment, memorial and scholarships.