Gavin Long

Baton Rouge Police Ambushed, 3 Shot Dead, 3 Injured

Following the death of five Dallas police officers and the injury of several others in a shooting, police across the country have been on high alert. However, officers in Baton Rouge, LA., the same city where Alton Sterling was killed, would have their suspicions justified in another heartbreaking tragedy.

This past Sunday morning, a man named Gavin Long ambushed and killed two Baton Rouge police officers and a sheriff’s deputy, according to CNN. Long was later killed after taking part in a gun battle with other officers. 

Deeniquia Dodds

Deeniquia Dodds, Transgender Woman, Dies After Being Shot in DC

While many people may not pay enough attention to notice, there’s an alarmingly growing trend of transgender people being murdered in the United States. In 2015, the record-breaking number reached 21. Deeniquia Dodds, 22, makes 15 in 2016 and it’s only July.

Dodds, a resident of Washington D.C., was attacked and shot in the neck on July 4th just a few blocks from her home, according to NBC. She was later taken to a local hospital where she was placed on life support before passing away this past Wednesday. 


Four Black Lives Matter Myths Debunked By Franchesca Ramsey [VIDEO]

In this newest video from Franchesca Ramsey and her Decoded series with MTV,  she debunks four of the most popular (very distracting and often false) myths about the Movement for Black Lives.

Working at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality almost always means dealing with detractors hellbent on proving that your social issue is unimportant, off base and otherwise useless. The Movement for Black Lives is a perfect example of how people who do not support the work will come up with literally any reason to discredit it.

Satirical Video Shows How To Compare Black Lives Matter To A Hate Group In Six Easy Steps

One of the most consistent responses to the idea that “Black Lives Matter” is the phrase “All Lives Matter.” Along with that, some have suggested that BLM is really a hate group that is racist against White people. Now, Seriously.TV has put together a video showing just how ridiculous all of that is.

Asian American Letter BLM

Asian Americans Pen Open Letter Supporting Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is noticeably more prominent of an issue than it ever has been and with that comes an even larger discussion. Instead of being viewed as a two-sides issue, mostly between black citizens and police officers, it’s now reaching new audiences among a variety of people of color.

Asian American activists, in particular, saw this as an opportunity to reach out to other members of their community to explain what exactly Black Lives Matter is trying to achieve and why it deserves their support.

Minnesota Lynx Black Lives Matter

Cops Walk Off WNBA Game Due To Players’ Black Lives Matter T-Shirts

After the roller coaster of emotions that was last week, many athletes have come out to ask for more public outreach in regards to police violence and accountability.

Not much unlike when NBA players wore t-shirts that read “I Can’t Breathe,” four WNBA players from the Minnesota Lynx wore t-shirts that honored all of last week’s fallen, including Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and the Dallas Police Department. However, the last line on the back of the shirts read “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

According to the Minneapolis–Star Tribune, four off-duty police officers that were assigned to work the game that night walked off in protest of the athletes’ choice to wear the shirts.

Black Lives Matter

This Is What Can Happen When Data Meets The Movement For Black Lives

On July 5, the number on The Guardian’s police killings ticker The Counted went up. On July 6, it went up again. The Guardian, like many other news outlets, with genuine intentions has made the effort to look at the numerous surveys, polls, and research behind racial disparities in policing in the country. My question is: who does the data usually benefit? Even more importantly: what is being done about it?

Blue Lives Matter Bills are Utterly Useless

In an era of greater public scrutiny of police forces, more states, including Texas and Wisconsin, are turning to “Blue Lives Matter” Bills in order to, they say, protect policemen and women from hate crimes levied against them for their profession. While it is true that police officers have a dangerous job, it is not necessary to qualify crimes against them as hate crimes.

Police officers and their actions are already heavily protected by the law and if these legislators believed that blue lives mattered, they would work against the very forces that put officers in danger—poverty, blight, and poor training.