Janelle Monae Marie Claire

I still love you Janelle Monáe but you’ve got this “consider stopping having sex” thing all wrong

Having to write this at all is frustrating to say the least. But, heterosexual sex is not the only kind of sex. Not only that, it isn’t a tool that should be leveraged to secure anyone’s civil rights. And, even though actress, singer, producer, and Black girl from the future Janelle Monáe recently suggested otherwise in her 2017 Fresh Faces interview with Marie Claire, “respecting the vagina” is not synonymous with respecting women or our rights.

Christian OB-GYN Explains How Providing Abortions Is “Doing God’s Work”

Dr. Willie Parker has been a devout Christian for his entire life. He would even walk from door-to-door and spread the word when he was only a teenager growing up in the Deep South. He later became a doctor specializing in obstetrics after attending Berea College, Harvard and the University of Iowa. For the first half of his medical career, Parker refused to provide abortions to patients and referred them to other physicians who would. However, in 2002, his stance changed drastically. 

Kaya Thomas

Black Dartmouth Student, Kaya Thomas, Creates Directory For Diverse Books

Not everyone has a passion for literature or a knowledge of coding. But, combining those with an interest in representation might result in something spectacular. For example, Dartmouth College student Kaya Thomas created new phone app called We Read Too. She saw a need for readers to find books written by diverse authors about diverse characters. Then, she fulfilled it herself. 

Donald Trump’s Russia Crush Called Into Question Amid Syria Chemical Attack

President Donald Trump has been infatuated with both Russia and its leadership for over a year now. Based on recent news stories, it appears that his affections weren’t one-sided. They may have helped him win the election. However, as many predicted, this illicit relationship has now put Trump, and the United States, in an awkward position especially where it concerns Syria. 

Rahm Emanuel Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposes New Graduation Requirements For CPS

As a mayor, Rahm Emanuel is often criticized for his approach to solving Chicago’s problems. His proposal on increasing CPS graduation rates was no different.

The plan in question calls for CPS students to not be allowed to graduate until they offer some evidence that their next step in life is planned out. This evidence would come in the form of a college acceptance letter, a job offer or even acceptance into the military.

New Evidence: North Miami Cop Knew Charles Kinsey Was Unarmed, Still Shot Him

In July 2016, Charles Kinsey was shot by a North Miami police officer while laying on the ground with his hands raised. The officer who shot him claimed that he couldn’t tell if the autistic patient Kinsey was sitting next to was armed or simply holding a toy truck, which was the case.

A new hour-long recording has been released and argues that the officer, Jonathan Aledda, was fully aware that Kinsey wasn’t armed before he fired his weapon, according to the Miami New Times.