‘Thankstaking,’ The DAPL And Our Centuries-Long Disregard For Native Lives

For those of us who consider ourselves believers in social justice, reckoning with the Thanksgiving holiday can easily become hairy.

On the one hand, it is a rare opportunity for families, particularly those that are working class, to come together, eat delicious food (depending on who makes it) and strengthen their bonds. And yet, as law enforcement officers pepper spray Native activists at Standing Rock, set dogs on them and hose them down in frigid temperatures, the guilt behind grabbing a Turkey leg and proclaiming ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ has, for some of us, become much more difficult to ignore.

Roland Martin Schools White Nationalist Leader, Richard Spencer, On White Privilege

Richard Spencer made headlines recently as portions of his speech to a room full of white nationalist supporters giving Nazi salutes was made public. To explain his side of those actions and many more of the controversial stances the white nationalist group has taken, he sat down for a televised interview with NewsOne’s Roland Martin. 

Shirley Caesar Is Turning The #UNameItChallenge Into An Act Of Philanthropy

By Imani J. Jackson

It is the week of Thanksgiving 2016, the same 2016 many of us would prefer to put in rice, turn on and off for a reboot, or take to a specialist to see if 2017 will emerge and actually be working properly. This year brought losses: of creative genius through Prince, of human rights advocacy and athleticism through Muhammad Ali, of principled and groundbreaking news reporting through Gwen Ifill. 2016 also showed a loss of decency through president-elect Donald Trump and his white supremacist crew. And yet, black Internet inspiration did the timely thing it often does: provide joy.

Pastor Shirley Caesar, the 78-year-old gospel great, Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree, and Shaw University alumna whose “Hold My Mule” melodic sermon inspired millions of new fans and rejuvenated her longtime supporters, allowed observers to not just hear a sermon, but to also see one in action.

Disturbing Video Shows Neo-Nazi Group Celebrating Trump Victory

When the “alt-right” movement is referred to as neo-Nazis it’s not meant to be an exaggeration to show that its members are extremely conservative. This is a white nationalist group through and through which is only confirmed as more information about the group emerges.

A video was recently obtained and published that shows more than 200 people in attendance at an “alt-right” meeting this past Saturday where a speaker can be seen saying “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” and speaking about a perceived entitlement to inheriting the United States. 

Kanye West Hospitalized In Los Angeles After Cancelling Tour Dates

Kanye West’s actions as of late have been concerning, to say the least. First, he interrupted his own show to say that he would’ve voted for Donald Trump – if he voted at all. Then he cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour dates after an odd performance where he only performed a couple of songs and went off on a rant about Jay Z, Beyoncé and more.

In the next chapter of what’s looking more like a cautionary talent, reports claim that the hip-hop artist/fashion designer was transported to a local hospital in Los Angeles after someone called the police while he was at his trainer’s home because an unidentified man was “acting erratically.”