Forrest Street Florida

Florida city votes to change streets named after Confederate leaders

Another Southern state has agreed to catch up with the times and stop celebrating people who went to war just to keep Black people in chains.

The city council of Hollywood, Fl. voted 5-2 to change the names of three streets named after Confederate leaders which just-so-happen to run through predominantly Black neighborhoods. Per usual in these instances, members of the public are outraged and are claiming it’s more about an infringement on their rights than the condemnation of their casual racism.

Father released after false accusations of raping and murdering infant daughter

Charges against a Detroit father have been dropped after investigators discovered that the initial findings were erroneous. James Saltmarshall, 22, was first charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse and first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after his infant daughter in April. His attorney claims that facing these charges ruined Saltmarshall’s life after the death was ruled an accident with no evidence of physical trauma to the child.