A Georgia University Offers An English Course On Outkast

Students at Armstrong State University can now earn college credit while stimulating and activating their left and right brain as they learn about the music of Outkast.

The Savannah, Ga. college is now offering a course on the careers of André 3000 and Big Boi and how their music affected and exuded the mentality of the American South. 

On Kim Burrell and why ‘theological violence’ has no place in Black Liberation

By: George M. Johnson

No one is free unless the black Trans woman is free.

I imagine these are the words that will ring out of the mouths of every preacher and Black person in this nation when we finally reach the day of liberation.  A day that will likely never come in my lifetime, as the battle between the “Church” and “State of the LGBTQ” continue to be at odds over who is acceptable in the eyes of man and God.  This week, has brought out the some of the worst in people, as two pivotal leaders of the Black church and gospel music community have continued theological warfare on a community that is “tired, weak and worn” – to quote the classic hymn “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

‘I am not sorry’: Dylann Roof Speaks To Jury For First Time

Dylann Roof offered the first words many have ever heard him say since he was arrested in 2015 during the opening statements of his sentencing trial.

Roof, who killed nine black people during a prayer service in Charleston in June 2015, showed no inclination of remorse and chose to try and justify rather than apologize for his act of terror. 

New York Governor Proposes Free State College Tuition For Eligible Students

One of the central issues on the Democratic platform is making free college education a reality. The national student loan debt is already massive and doesn’t look to disappear anytime soon, and a large part of that is because college tuition prices are only going up.

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who some see as a potential presidential nominee, recently made a proposal that could make free college a possibility in the future for hundreds of thousands of New York residents. 

Federal Judge Rules State Should Provide Mumia Abu-Jamal With Hepatitis C Treatment

Many citizens serving time in the American justice system are deprived of some of the most basic rights and services in this country. Fortunately, work is being done to slowly change this.

A huge moral victory came as a federal judge ruled that the state is required to see if Mumia Abu-Jamal is eligible for treatment for hepatitis C within 14 days. 

Chicago Officer Shoots Unarmed Man, Gets Stripped Of Powers

If this headline sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. This isn’t the first time that a Chicago Police Department officer has shot an unarmed citizen and been disciplined as an investigation is conducted.

The latest officer to lost their police powers is the result of a fatal shooting on the city’s Northwest side on Monday. 

Black Teen Sues McKinney, Texas and Former Officer for $5M Due to Pool Party Arrest

In June 2015, Dajerria Becton was forced to the ground by a McKinney police officer after residents complained that a pool party was getting out of control. The video of the officer with his knee in the teenager’s back quickly went viral and added to a national discussion of excessive force against people of color.

Becton is now filing a lawsuit against McKinney, the police department and former officer Eric Casebolt. She is seeking $5 million in damages.