Chicago School Board President Says Classes Will Resume on Monday

According to WBEZ, an end to the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike may be in sight.

School Board President David Vitale says the district and teachers have agreed on a “framework” that will allow classes to begin once again this Monday.

Of course, nothing is set in stone.

From WBEZ:

“Vitale would not say where each side compromised, and he stressed that union delegates still must vote to end the strike.

He said the agreement gives children the time they need in the classroom and teachers the respect they deserve.

Bank Robbers Toss Money Out the Window During Police Chase

A southern California car chase following a bank robbery featured an interesting twist:

The robbers tossed cash from the car as they sped down the freeway!:

Bank robbery suspects Wednesday led authorities on a bizarre pursuit from Santa Clarita to South Los Angeles, where they began throwing money out the car, drawing crowds eager to scoop up the cash and culminating in a mob scene when the chase ended.

Bob Dylan: The Stigma of Slavery Ruined America

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Bob Dylan asserted that the stigma of slavery ruined America.

And according to Dylan, we will never get passed the  shame of that horrific institution because our country’s continued success was built on the backs of slaves.

From the Huffington Post:

“The veteran musician tells Rolling Stone that in America ‘people (are) at each other’s throats just because they are of a different color,’ adding that ‘it will hold any nation back.’ He also says blacks know that some whites ‘didn’t want to give up slavery.’

Chicago Teacher’s Union Officially On Strike

Classes are not in session today in Chicago, as the Chicago Teacher’s Union has officially gone on strike.

Mayor Emmanuel and the Teacher’s Union were unable to agree on a contract.

The union says teachers are striking over contract negotiations, teacher evaluations, school facilities, and larger issues like class sizes.

The mayor disagrees.

More Hazing Allegations at FAMU

Several months ago, The BYP featured articles about the fallout following the death of Robert Champion, a former drum major for FAMU’s famed The Marching 100.

Now, allegations charge university’s dance team with similar behavior:

Florida A&M University, still reeling from the hazing-related death of a marching band drum major 10 months ago, on Tuesday suspended its Torque Dance Team following allegations of an off-campus hazing incident.

Jay-Z and Will Smith Team Up to Produce ‘Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners’ Documentary

Actor Will Smith and Hip Hop star Jay-Z are reportedly teaming up to co-produce “Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners,” a documentary chronicling the former Black Panther’s incarceration and trial at the height of the Black Power Movement.

The two will support the film through their entertainment companies, Overbook Entertainment and Roc Nation respectively. The film will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival

“Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners” comes on the 40th anniversary of Davis’ acquittal.