Judge Throws Out Three Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash, the puppeteer known for voicing Sesame Street’s Elmo, got some good news today.

A judge has thrown out three lawsuits claiming that Clash had committed sexual abuse, explaining that the men exceeded the statute of limitations in filing their complaints:


Judge John Koeltl threw out the suits brought by Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a third, unnamed accuser. Clash, 52, resigned in November after 28 years portraying the beloved character on “Sesame Street,” amid allegations he’d engaged in sexual relationships with underage boys.

BET Refused to Let Blogger B. Scott Wear Heels at Awards Show

It’s not the BET Awards if something horrible didn’t pop off, right?

Well, blogger B. Scott, who hosted the BET Awards red carpet last night, confirmed that the network forced him to change his shoes:


[A]ccording to Scott, BET refused to allow him to wear heels on camera. Scott, who was initially excited for his first BET Awards hosting gig, was noticeably down when he appeared on camera for the pre-show. Afterwards, Scott took to Twitter to reveal that his sullen attitude was caused by BET forcing him to change his outfit.

Lauryn Hill Rails Against Racism, Oppression and IRS in Open Letter

Ahead of her three month jail sentence for tax evasion, Lauryn Hill posted a lengthy open letter on her Tumblr.

In it, Hill breaks down and dismisses the concept of “reverse racism,” addresses the continued oppression of African Americans, and discusses her tax troubles and trial.

The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries.