Will a Win for LeBron Tonight Rehab His Image?

If they win tonight, the Miami Heat will hoist its second championship banner, and LeBron James will finally have his first championship.

Of course, the self-appointed King James has long been the source of fan vitriol and ridicule–for his hubristic and dramatic televised “Decision” to announce that he was breaking the hearts of Cleveland sports fans, and his inability to show up in the most important moments during games.

Alice Walker Forbids Hebrew Translation of “The Color Purple”

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker has forbidden the printing of a hebrew translation of her famed novel The Color Purple.

Citing the treatment of Palestinians, Walker asserts that the Israeli Government is guilty of a “worse apartheid” than the United States. Walker has been an outspoken advocate for the Palestinian cause, having even participated in one of the flotillas to Gaza.

‘Sparkle’ to Become Book and Broadway Play

The Sony Pictures remake of the 1976 film, Sparkle will more than likely top the box office the weekend of its August release.

After all, the updated version will feature the late Whitney Houston (1963 — 2012) in her last film role. Houston’s death obviously generated tremendous interest in the movie. It appears that producers are going to capitalize off of that interest by turning 2012 Sparkle into a franchise.

A book will be published days before the film’s debut, and a Broadway play featuring 5 new songs is in the works.

Adidas Defends Shackle Shoe Design

It doesn’t appear that Adidas will be overtaking Nike as the chosen shoe of hoopers any time soon.

Last week, Adidas announced that its JS Roundhouse Mid would be available as part of their Fall/Winter collection.

The problem? The shoe features shackles, which have caused many to suggest that it is a not-so-subtle reference to slavery.