Paula Deen Skips Out on Today Show Appearance

TV Chef Paula Deen skipped out on a scheduled appearance on the Today Show this morning to discuss the controversy surrounding her use of racial slurs.

The appearance was confirmed yesterday; but this morning the folks at NBC got a phone call from a rep for Deen, informing them that she would not be there after all.

Nina Simone Documentary In The Works

The estate of Nina Simone has partnered with to bring us the definitive documentary on the life and legacy of Nina Simone.

The project will use never-before-seen archival footage to tell her incredible story.

From NewsOne:

According to the press release, Jayson Jackson, the estate’s representative, brought the project to, and it will include “highlights from hours of never-before-seen archival and performance footage tracing Nina’s life from her journey from poverty in the Jim Crow South, to her defining role in the Civil Rights struggle and her arrival on the world’s stage and finally, her self-imposed exile in France.”

Paula Deen Apologizes for Being Racist

We knew this was coming.

Paula Deen has issued an apology for using racist language that essentially plays upon stereotypes of white southerners in an effort for us to accept her “my bad.”

Here’s part of the statement, which was issued via TMZ.


“During a deposition where she swore to tell the truth, Ms. Deen recounted having used a racial epithet in the past, speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today…

NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Possibly Connected to Homicide

New England Patriots star, Aaron Hernandez is facing what looks like an incredible amount of trouble.

News broke yesterday that Hernandez was questioned regarding the homicide of Odin Lloyd, who was a friend of Hernandez.

Now, there’s news that Hernandez, who has not been charged with any crime, destroyed the surveillance equipment in his home and had his home cleaned just a few days ago:

Serena Williams’ Body Compared to a “Monster Truck” in Rolling Stone Interview

A recent Rolling Stone interview with Serena Williams raised some eyebrows when the writer compared Serena Williams’ body to a monster truck.

The reference was made to explain why Serena Williams doesn’t attract the endorsement deals of white tennis player Maria Sharapova.

From Clutch Magazine:

In a statement meant to explain why certain tennis players earn more money in endorsements in their looks, the magazine makes a body image comparison to a “monster truck” that leaves us wondering if all said was truly meant in praise.

Food Network Releases Statement on Paula Deen Controversy

Yesterday, the internet went crazy over reports that TV chef Paula Deen had admitted to using the n-word and making racist jokes in a deposition last month.

Paula’s attorney has since released a statement, asserting that Deen does not “find the use of racial epithets acceptable.”

Meanwhile, the Food Network – which broadcasts Deen’s cooking show – has released a statement of their own.

Paula Deen Basically Admits to Being Racist in Deposition

So, apparently Paula Deen’s recipes come with tons and tons of butter and a healthy dose of old school, antebellum-flavored racism.

The queen of southern cooking essentially admitted that she is racist during a deposition.

Deen and her son are being sued by the former general manager of the Deens’ restaurant. The general manager alleges that the Deens had separate bathrooms for black and white employees, and that they made racist and sexist jokes.

Here’s a snippet from Deen’s deposition: