Harvard retracts admissions of applicants who founded obscene group chat

If gaining acceptance into Harvard College is one of the highest accomplishments in academics, is losing your admission one of the lowest? It likely feels that way for a group of students admitted into the class of 2021 who then lost their spots after founding a group chat plastered with racist and sexually explicit memes. 

New Yorkers try to stop ICE from arresting man, Hardat Sampat, on way to court

Residents in Queens, New York rallied together to try and prevent ICE agents from taking a man into custody on his way to trial. NBC News reports that Hardat Sampat, 35, is an undocumented citizen and a Guyanese national. While he was headed to Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday morning, agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department boxed in the car he was in and proceeded to arrest him.

Micah Fletcher, survivor of Portland knife attack, calls out city’s “white savior complex”

Two Muslim girls – one wearing a hijab – were the target of an onslaught of threats on a Portland train last week. Three men, including Micah Fletcher, came to their rescue and got in between them and the white supremacist who was threatening them. The three men were then attacked with a knife and only one survived.

Now, more than a week later, the surviving hero is calling out those who have tried to make him the focus of the story and not the Muslim girls who were initially being targeted. He went on to call it a “white savior complex,” implying that people needed to prioritize his actions to relate to and celebrate the story.

Black church received $2,000 donation and apology letter from a reformed “terrible racist”

White guilt can make people do the wildest, most unexpected things. A predominantly Black church in South Carolina was surprised recently when it received an anonymous donation in the mail a few weeks ago.

When Rev. Michael Sullivan of the Nicholtown Presbyterian Church opened the envelope, he saw a check for $2,000 and a letter from a former “terrible racist,” according to Fox Carolina.

Baltimore 7th grader wins individual chess championsip

Cahree Myrick, 12, is the pride of his community after winning a chess championship. Cahree isn’t just a chess champion, which is a great enough feat on its own. He’s the first individual national youth chess champion in the history of Baltimore after earning a perfect score at in Nashville, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Noose found in National Museum of African American History

Someone actually paid to leave a noose in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Y’all, that’s some serious hate. At least, that’s the most logical assumption to make given how tough it is to gain admission into the recently opened beacon of history.

Visitors were the ones who found a noose in the an exhibition on segregation and alerted staff. Investigators then spend three hours looking into the scene and removing the noose before re-opening the exhibit, according to Smithsonian.com

NJ Trooper suspended for repeatedly pulling women over to ask for their phone numbers

A New Jersey state trooper has been suspended and criminally charged after it was found he repeatedly pulled over (read: stalked) women to ask for their phone numbers and try to establish a relationship. Trooper Eric Richardson, 31, faces charged because he lied on his paperwork concerning the multiple encounters in an attempt to cover up his actions.