Kid Cudi Checks Himself Into Rehab Due To Depression

Not too long ago, depression was merely viewed as “the blues,” people with anxiety were just “high-strung,” and mental disorders were all lumped into insensitive categories. But people coming out to publicly discuss their personal battles with mental health has helped make mental health more important to the general public.


EXCLUSIVE: Alicia Garza on What’s Missing from the Black Lives Matter Movement

By Liz Adetiba and Jordie Davies


The Oakland-based organizer and activist Alicia Garza, who is also the originator of the Black Lives Matter rallying cry and one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter Network, thinks Black people have a lot to talk about outside of police violence. In this interview, we discussed with Garza what she believed is missing from the movement, how it is portrayed in the media, and the various points of entry for activism–from politics to protest.


Pennsylvania Mayor Pressured To Resign After Racist Facebook Posts

Social media has innovated the ways that public figures can get dragged for their problematic behavior. The most recent victim of that phenomenon is West York, Pennslyvania mayor, Charles Wasko.

West York is a town of about 4,500 people located 100 miles west of Philadelphia. Wasko doesn’t actually get paid, as he mostly just breaks tiebreakers on the city council and only won his 2013 election with 202 votes, according to CBS News.

Wasko’s job sounds pretty easy. At least, as far as being a mayor goes. Unfortunately for him, he managed to break the one rule that would likely keep him in his comfortable spot as a politician no on really voted for. He got called out for making multiple racist posts on his public Facebook profile


Black Teen To Face Criminal Charges For Taking Carton Of Milk

You may recall the headline this past May when a middle schooler was arrested and charged with larceny for allegedly stealing a 65-cent carton of milk at lunch. Sadly, the situation that had already been blown entirely out of proportion is far from over.

According to the Washington Post, Ryan Turk will have to face the criminal charges in court not long after he turns 15 years old. 


Donald Trump’s Tax Evasion is Pure Hypocrisy

Last week, the New York Times broke the news that Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, may have avoided paying federal income taxes due to a loophole stemming from a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax return. This revelation suggests that Trump used his business failures to take full advantage of the American tax code, while millions of hardworking Americans pay their federal taxes every year. 


Historic Black School Defaced With ‘White Power’ And Swastika Graffiti

The Ashburn Colored School building reminds locals of a time of racist Jim Crow laws when schools were segregated, legally separating black and white children. Now that students at the Loudoun School for the Gifted have been raising money to turn it into a museum, reminding the public of exactly what it represents, it’s been defaced with distasteful and racist graffiti.

Three sides of the historic Virginia building were covered in spray paint that included “white power” and the Nazi swastika, according to the Washington Post.


Body Camera Video Shows Black Man Arrested, Punched On His Own Porch

Dejuan Yourse was sitting on his mother’s porch as he waited for her to come home and let him in. However, a neighbor’s call-in of a possible robbery resulted in Officer Travis Cole arriving on the scene to harass, arrest and punch Yourse.

After reviewing body camera footage that has been released to the public, city council members in Greensboro, North Carolina unanimously voted to permanently strip Cole of his title and privileges as a police officer, according to the Huffington Post.

Obama Signs Bill

U.S. Government Settles $492 Million Lawsuit With Native American Tribes

The U.S. Government has will pay 17 Native American tribes $492 million after a legal settlement, according to NPR. The payment is meant to make amends for the mismanaging natural of resources and other tribal assets.

The settlement is meant to serve as a compromise between the tribes and the federal government, especially after President Obama promised to restore relations with the Native American community on the campaign trail.