Seattle Seahawks Reportedly Have A “Big Surprise” For The National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit – then kneel – for the National Anthem is spreading like prairie fire. As individual players throughout the NFL are coming out to show their support, the Seattle Seahawks may be taking it to a much higher level.

While we don’t have many details as to what the team has planned, various players have hinted that they’ll be coming together for some sort of demonstration during the playing of the National Anthem this Sunday, which will also be Sept. 11. 


How Much Can a Black President Really Do for Black People?

Diddy was the first rapper that influenced me to vote, even though I was too young I always appreciated a Black entertainer reaching out to me to tell me that my vote matters, and I very much recognized his Vote or Die campaign as outreach to young Black people.

In 2015, Diddy came out and said that voting is a “scam” and that our votes probably won’t change anything, followed by his comments earlier this week: that he expected Obama to do more for Black people in office. It sounds like Diddy has been receiving a strong dosage of political education and is now disappointed by the truth. This begs the question though: how much can a Black president really do for Black people?


The Obamas’ October Cover Of Essence Magazine Is Straight Flames

As the Obamas wave us all goodbye as they prepare to leave the White House, we’re getting even more intimate looks into the past eight years of their lives. Most recently, Barack and Michelle have been revealed to be on the cover of October’s issue of Essence Magazine.

The first couple took the opportunity to speak on their legacy and the impact they’ve made on America, especially its youth. 

Amy Schumer Gets Called Out For Posting and Deleting False, Racist Tweet

A conversation held between Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer was recently published and got them both in some pretty hot water and called out to take several seats. Initially, Dunham was criticized for projecting her own insecurities on the NFL’s Odell Beckham, Jr. when he didn’t fall out of his chair to talk to her at the MET Gala.

While Dunham later apologized – after some prodding from the public – Schumer chose to defend her by throwing out a false, racist comment about the very real problem that is catcalling. 

Southside With You, edit.

‘Southside With You’ is the Feel Good Movie of the Fall

Spoilers ahead!

The new film Southside with You, starring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers is a sweet tale of black love. The film unfolds the now almost mythical story of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s first date on Chicago’s south side. While, like Obama’s presidency, the film has its missteps and awkward moments, audiences everywhere will find this movie very delightful and very black.

Darren Seals

Ferguson Activist Darren Seals Found Shot Dead In Burning Vehicle

Darren Seals, 29, was a fixture in the Ferguson and St. Louis activist movements. He played a prominent role in the Ferguson protests after Mike Brown was killed by Darren Wilson and has continued to do so since.

Unfortunately, the self-described “Businessman, Revolutionary, Activist, Unapologetically BLACK, Afrikan in AmeriKKKa, Fighter, Leader” was found shot dead in a burning vehicle in North St. Louis County early Tuesday morning, according to The St. Louis American.