GOP Senators Block Elizabeth Warren’s Reading Of Coretta Scott King’s Letter In Opposition To Sessions

Elizabeth Warren has had a major turnaround in regards to her public perception among liberals. Just weeks ago, she was part of a senate committee that unanimously approved Ben Carson to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Now, she’s become a symbol for Anti-Trump sentiment after she was silenced by Republic senators during a debate.

Mike Pence Breaks Tie To Confirm Betsy DeVos As Education Secretary

It appears that all of President Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments are going to be confirmed, despite clear splits down party lines and issues with the preparedness for the jobs.

The latest example of just how divided the country is came as Betsy DeVos was voted in as the newest Secretary of Education, a position she’s sorely unqualified for with practically no experience with public schools. 

Another Patriot’s Player Won’t Visit White House With Team

As expected, Martellus Bennett was the first domino to fall in what could be an ongoing series during the Trump administration.

After winning the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Bennett told the press he wouldn’t join his teammates on the standard visit to the White House to meet and pose with the president. Defensive back Devin McCourty told TIME Magazine that he also wouldn’t be in attendance. 

“Don’t Be A Bystander”: An Interview With Aaryn Lang On Responding to Racist Attacks [VIDEO]

The current political moment requires that young, socially-savvy people lead on issues of gendered oppression, racism, education inequality, and many other issues facing marginalized groups.

In this way, communication and movement building tie together tightly spreading information that can’t as easily be hidden, white washed, or ignored and creating a digital tool box for justice. Project NIA and The Barnard Center for Research on Women have added a resource to this toolbox, aimed at helping you respond to situations of violence on individual and systemic levels.

Johnson Publishing Building Could Become A Chicago Landmark

The Johnson Publishing Co. Building has been a proud part of Chicago’s downtown since it was first constructed in 1971. However, it was also a beacon of hope and Black pride as it housed Ebony and Jet and many other publications up until 2012.

Given its rich history, the building is ever closer to being commemorated as an historical landmark.