Disturbing Video Shows Neo-Nazi Group Celebrating Trump Victory

When the “alt-right” movement is referred to as neo-Nazis it’s not meant to be an exaggeration to show that its members are extremely conservative. This is a white nationalist group through and through which is only confirmed as more information about the group emerges.

A video was recently obtained and published that shows more than 200 people in attendance at an “alt-right” meeting this past Saturday where a speaker can be seen saying “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” and speaking about a perceived entitlement to inheriting the United States. 

Kanye West Hospitalized In Los Angeles After Cancelling Tour Dates

Kanye West’s actions as of late have been concerning, to say the least. First, he interrupted his own show to say that he would’ve voted for Donald Trump – if he voted at all. Then he cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour dates after an odd performance where he only performed a couple of songs and went off on a rant about Jay Z, Beyoncé and more.

In the next chapter of what’s looking more like a cautionary talent, reports claim that the hip-hop artist/fashion designer was transported to a local hospital in Los Angeles after someone called the police while he was at his trainer’s home because an unidentified man was “acting erratically.” 

Police Use Water Cannons On DAPL Protestors In Freezing Weather

The confrontations between Dakota Access oil pipeline Water Protectors and local authorities have escalated over the course of the past few months. As each headline appears to show a growing degree of inhumane treatment, the most recent incident reveals a new low from police on the scene.

According to the Washington Post, police formed a line in front of Water Protectors in Cannon Ball N.D. and used a water house mounted on top of an armored vehicle to spray them despite the freezing temperatures in the 20’s. 

Trump Settles for $25 Million in Fraud Case

Last week, amidst all the drama about Mike Pence being booed at Hamilton, white collar criminal and President Elect Donald Trump settled his fraud case in which he was facing three lawsuits, two in California, as well as charges from New York’s State Attorney General. He paid $25 million to his former “students” who had been pressed to spend thousands of dollars for bogus real estate seminars at his now out-of-business “university.”

‘Hamilton’ Cast Calls Out Mike Pence; Trump Demands Apology

Vice President-elect Mike Pence took some time off of his duties to check out the hottest stage production in the country, Hamilton. But things clearly didn’t go as he planned.

Once the cast of the diverse retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s life found out that Pence would be in Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York on Nov. 18, they had something in store for the man who’s built a reputation on being incredibly homophobic and generally harmful to other minority groups. 

School Board Member Dresses In Blackface And It Looks Like He Can’t Be Disciplined

A picture of Ted Bonner’s Halloween costume began to circulate around social media last week and upset many of the people who saw it. The pictures show Bonner’s face almost completely covered in black while his red-colored lips hide his fake gnarly smile. He’s also holding a sign that says “Black Lives Matter.” The blackface costume was blatantly offensive. 

2 White South Africans Arrested After Video Shows Them Forcing Black Man Into A Coffin

Victor Mlotshwa didn’t think that anyone would believe him when he told them his traumatic tale of being forced into a coffin by two white men who also threatened to put him on fire. The incident occurred over three months ago.

Fortunately, video footage of the altercation, taken by one of the two white assailants, was made public not too long ago and Mlotshwa was given the evidence he needed.

White Starbucks Patron Yells ‘You’re garbage…I voted for Trump!’ At Black Employee

A lot of people were surprised over Donald Trump’s performance in the polls, and even more surprised by his election win. Part of this was because they imagined that his only support was coming from fringe voters that they’d never see in their everyday lives.

After a majority of white women voted for him and people in states all across the country went red, it’s become clear that Trump supporters are truly all around us. And now that they’ve won, they’re coming out in droves. 

Kanye West: ‘I would’ve voted for Trump’

Remember when Kanye West said that he was running for president in 2020? Everyone had a laugh and and even made a hashtag out of it. Meanwhile, some of us paused and realized there was no reason to presume he would be running as as a Democrat. Those concerns have been justified.

At a recent concert, the rapper/fashion designer took one of his trademark self-imposed interruptions to let the crowd know what side of the line he fell on in the recent election. The fact that he didn’t actually vote is somehow the relief.