Woman Found Not Guilty of Murdering Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

Cherelle Baldwin, 24, has been found innocent by a jury of 12 on charges of murdering her abusive ex-boyfriend. In May 2013, Baldwin crashed her car into Brown in self-defense and has been in jail on $1 million bond ever since, facing up to 60 years in prison, according to Huffington Post.

Baldwin reportedly fell to the floor in tears upon the reading of the verdict when she found out she’d get to finally go home to her family and five-year-old son. 

Memorial To 22-Year-Old Member Of Omega Psi Phi Painted Over By Trump Supporters

If you visit James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia you’re likely to find a colorfully painted rock in the middle of campus. On any given day, the Spirit Rock will be painted as an expression of free speech by the student body. This past weekend, the school’s chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. – a predominantly and historically Black fraternal organization – used the stone to make a memorial for Jeffrey Matthews, Jr., a 22-year-old fraternity member who recently passed away.

Students spent hours painting the stone to remember Matthews, with plans to host a vigil soon after. But the next morning it was found that the previously purple and gold remembrance was now coated in white paint and the words “#TrumpTrain” and “Trump 2016” written in red. 

Meet the Academics Behind Black Lives Matter

From the #ByeAnita actions in Chicago to the Fund Black Futures campaign, 2016 has already yielded significant gains for young Black organizers across the country. But the launch of Black Scholars for Black Lives (BS4BL), a collective made up of over 200 scholars and academics who have taken a pledge to use their platforms to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, just might be one of the most powerful tools the two-and-a-half year old movement has acquired as of yet.

Study Reveals White Teachers Expect Less From Black Students

Having diversity among school teachers is just as important as having diversity throughout the student body. If all goes well, it’s reasonable to say that the interactions will help all involved parties. But a recent study shows that things don’t often go that smoothly.

The Economics of Education Review included a study from Johns Hopkins and American University researchers, according to the Huffington Post. This study found that white teachers had overall lower expectations of their black students than black teachers. In some cases, the difference is quite significant.

The ‘White Boy In Locs’ Movement Isn’t Just About A Hairstyle

At some point, we have to come clean about the toxic ways that whiteness works to perpetually erase, pacify, and root out blackness in the United States. And we have to be honest that cultural appropriation is a deeper ideological commitment than just a desire to emulate hairstyles, vernacular, food, and clothing.

Jason Van Dyke Has Been Hired By The Fraternal Order of Police

After it was revealed that he fired 16 shots at Laquan McDonald, killing him, Jason Van Dyke has had trouble holding a job. Since being stripped of his title by the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Tribune reports that his wife even had to shut down her business due to threats. Now it appears that the Fraternal Order of Police has stepped in on what appears to be an effort to protect one of their own.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, FOP president, Dean Angelo, confirmed that they’ve hired Van Dyke to work as a janitor for their West Loop location. Angelo claims the idea came to him after the newspaper called him to ask if Van Dyke was employed by the police union. Van Dyke is reportedly making $12 an hour to fill in as needed around the property. 

This Poet Is Calling Out The Founding Fathers For Their Erasure Of Black People

“Oppression doesn’t disappear just because you decided not to teach us that chapter.”

If those words were not strong enough, I do not know what words would be. Clint Smith III examined the role that the Founding Fathers played in oppressing black people in his new poem “History Reconsidered” which he performed at All Def Poetry.

Warren Buffett’s Son and Daughter-In-Law Will Invest $90 Million In Women Of Color

It’s not clear what made the light bulb come on, but it appears that people are finally realizing the important role women of color play in our world and how often life is made difficult for them for nothing else than being who they are. Just earlier this week, the creation of the first Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls was announced. Now, the NoVo Foundation is taking it one step further with a multi-million dollar investment.

According to NBC News, the NoVo Foundation, which was founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, the daughter-in-law and son of billionaire Warren Buffett, will invest $90 million towards women and girls of color in the U.S. to address and diminish the hardships they often endure. The foundation claims this is the largest effort ever made by a private foundation to do so.

Easter Terrorist Attack Leaves 69 Dead In Pakistan

Only 2 percent of the population in Pakistan identifies as Christian, according to CNN, which arguably adds more significance to celebrating Christian holidays than in other places. This past Sunday, which was Easter, was no exception. Unfortunately, the holiday saw was hundreds of people, Christian and Muslim alike, being indiscriminately injured or killed in a terrorist attack.