Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Quintonio LeGrier Plans To Sue His Family

During the early morning hours after Christmas, Quintonio LeGrier called Chicago Police three times to ask for assistance to no avail – he was even hung up on once. When his father called from the same address requesting assistance, an officer was sent to investigate.

LeGrier was then shot six times –including in the back– along with a neighbor, Bettie Jones, who opened her front door to see what was happening. The officer responsible, named Robert Rialmo, is now suing the LeGrier family for emotional distress.

It’s Simple. I Choose Neither Hillary nor Bernie.

The daily routine of watching Bernie Sanders fans hell-bent on bullying people of color on social media and hopelessly loyal Hillary supporters claiming her campaign an intersectional victory has left me feeling even less apt to cast my vote for either candidate in November.

As a young Black, queer woman of middle-class means and working-class roots, I have never been excited by this year’s Democratic presidential hopefuls. Both Clinton and Sanders have shown a keen disinterest in the issues which I care most about like public education reform, the end of mass incarceration, police occupation of Black and Brown communities, and the intentional investment in Black futures. Instead, they have engaged in political rhetoric and performance that holds literally no meaning for me.

Records Suggest Chicago Police Tampered With Dashcams

After acknowledging the initial horror many experienced when viewing video footage of Laquan McDonald being shot and killed by Chicago police, everyone started to notice the same thing – there was no sound. New records suggest that was more than a mere coincidence and reveals a pattern in CPD officers tampering with dashcams and hiding microphones.

Maybe Chicago’s Priority Should Be Jobs For The Youth

If you were to ask someone what the biggest problem facing Chicago wass there’s a strong likelihood they’d go for the easy answer of “gun violence.” While it’s definitely a serious issue that needs to be addressed, it should be noted that it’s actually the result of multiple factors, such as unemployment, poverty and access to weapons, coming into play at once. To provide some insight, a new study has revealed just how drastic one of those major factors is in the city. But, the focus on young black men’s education and working habits misses the point entirely.

Six Phoenix High School Seniors Suspended A Week For Spelling “Ni**er” on Shirts

The original plan was for Desert Vista High School seniors to come together while wearing black t-shirts decorated in gold tape to spell out a perfectly innocent phrase, “BEST*YOU’VE*EVER*SEEN*CLASS*OF*2016.” But there was apparently an additional plan among six of those students to get together for a picture of their own.