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Trump Found A Loophole To Silence Protest

Any active politician is going to be the target of protest and natural dissent. That’s taken to an intensified level once the presidency is waiting at the finish line. While most choose to mostly ignore their dissenters or even embrace them occasionally, Donald Trump has taken another opportunity to show he’s far different than “most.”

Through the use of loopholes and technicalities, Donald Trump has pretty much found a way to further silence free speech and control protests. After making public statements saying that he’d look to restrict the press and commit other unconstitutional acts if elected, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Visits To Elementary Schools In D.C.

The most endearing thing about President Barack Obama doesn’t have anything to do with him directly. It’s actually his family, especially his wife, Michelle Obama.

Over the past few years, the First Lady has danced with kids in the White House and even made an appearance on popular kids shows. If you were somehow under the belief that she wasn’t absolutely the coolest First Lady ever, a recent video showing her surprising elementary school students should change that.

Clinton Tells Young Black Woman “Well, why don’t you go run for something, then?”

It’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton is in a close enough race for the presidency that she can’t really afford to dismiss potential voters – unless her aim is to steal some away from the sideshow taking place on the other side of party lines. But that’s not what you’d think her goal was after video surfaced of her recent confrontation with a voter.

Clinton was in Minnesota on Tuesday when a young black woman approached her with questions about past racially insensitive remarks (read: referring to young black people as “super predators”) and about the lack of diversity among elected officials.

Gunman Targets Office Of Black Woman Running For Sheriff in Texas

Zena Stephens is currently running for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Texas. According to her Twitter profile, she’s the third Democrat and only the fourth person overall to be a candidate for this position. She’s also a black woman, which apparently doesn’t sit well with some.

Stephens’ office was the target of a racially motivated shooting where a white man reportedly drove by in a white jeep before yelling something to the effect of “F*** the ni**ers!” before opening fire. According to NBC, five individuals were taken into custody late Monday evening for the shooting.

Did We Do Enough To Save Chicago State University? Not At All.

Less than 24 hours after Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a rally at Chicago State University, all 900 employees of the university received layoff notices. The layoffs appear to be the final blow in the nearly 8 month battle between Chicago State (as well as other predominantly-Black public colleges) and Illinois politicians. But while many have directed their anger over the budget impasse at Springfield, primarily towards Republican governor Bruce Rauner, one thing is certain: Chicago itself did not do enough to save CSU.