The First Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls Has Been Formed

Three black congresswomen announced the formation of a functioning political body that will work to diminish and the socioeconomic hardships that disproportionately affect black women and girls. The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls is the first caucus of its kind and was recently confirmed by U.S. Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.), Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) and Yvette D. Clarke (D-N.Y.) in a press release, according to the Root

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Makes His Pick For Chicago Police Superintendent

Ever since former Chicago Spt. Garry McCarthy was fired following pressure stemming from Laquan McDonald’s murder, there’s been a search for a permanent superintendent for the Chicago Police Department. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made his pick on who he would like to fill the position.

Eddie Johnson is a 27-year CPD veteran and current chief of patrol, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. According to sources, he’s a non-polarizing figure and his history and work in the Gresham neighborhood will bode well for both raising officer morale and keeping homegrown talent from fleeing to other cities. 

Austin Police Fires Officer Who Shot Naked, Unarmed Black Teen

This past February, an Austin police officer broke several protocols and confronted 17-year-old David Joseph after multiple residents filed complaints of suspicious activity. Officer Geoffrey Freeman was the first to arrive and chose to confront the teen without waiting for backup. Shortly thereafter, the naked and unarmed teen was shot dead.

The Austin Police Department has officially fired Freeman as a result of the incident, according to New York Daily News.

Flint Water Crisis Aftermath: How The Blame Game Backfires

The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis may be the most alarming example we have of the U.S. government neglecting both its people and the responsibility of doing so so we’ve had in years.

As many now know, Flint used to get their water directly from Detroit. Due to a financial strain, emergency managers that were overseen by Gov. Rick Snyder decided to get the city’s water supply from the closer, but extremely contaminated, Flint River. This led to multiple instances of lead poisoning and people’s drinking water far exceeding the legal limit of contaminants.

Milwaukee Coalition Advocates For Triple Homicide To Be Labeled a Hate Crime

A coalition comprised of 22 different Milwaukee community organizations is working to advocate for Dan Popp’s alleged triple homicide to be considered a hate crime, according to Colorlines. Earlier this month (March 6), Popp was arrested for allegedly killing a Puerto Rican man and a Hmong couple in their apartment building.

Couple Forced To Undergo ‘Spelling Test’ To Vote In North Carolina Primary

A political tactic that was once used to further skew the imbalance of power in America was the literacy tests that predominantly Black voters were forced to take to “prove” how American they were. In actuality, they were mostly arbitrary riddles that were meant to be extremely difficult and nearly impossible to answer correctly.

Although literacy tests were banned in the U.S. years ago, it appears they’ve evolved and appeared once again in the current election cycle. A South Asian couple in North Carolina was recently forced to live out the experience while voting in the primary election.

Watch Dorothy Roberts Explain Why Race-Based Medicine Doesn’t Work

TED Talks have emerged as a popular way for non-professionals, interested fans, and social media consumers alike to access the knowledge and advice of experts across various fields. In this particular one, sociologist, legal scholar, and Black feminist Dorothy Roberts discusses her experiences as a Black woman with a White father while dealing with medical professionals. 

Nixon Aide Admits The ‘War On Drugs’ Was Designed To Target Black People

In the art of debate, there’s only one result that feels better than an outright win – the long-delayed “I told you so.” Today, many people that have theorized that the “war on drugs” was designed specifically to target people of color appear to have their “I told you so” moment.

In a 1994 interview with journalist Dan Baum, former domestic policy chief for President Richard Nixon, John Ehrlichman, spoke candidly about the true intentions behind the former president’s war on drugs, according to the Huffington Post.