Obama Becomes First U.S. President To Visit Cuba In 88 Years

Tensions between the United States and Cuban governments have fluctuated between varying degrees of sensitivity for decades now. But President Barack Obama has been working steadily towards mending that relationship since Dec. 17, 2014 when he made the announcement that the two governments were going to restore their relationship, according to the New York Times.

To further endorse this mission, Obama made history on Sunday (March 19) when he became the first U.S. President to set foot on Cuban soil in 88 years. Obama will be spending the net few days touring the country’s landmarks and speaking for the people. He will also play a role in the first meeting between U.S. and Cuban political leaders in more than 50 years.

President Obama Is The First President to Speak at SXSW

For the first time ever in its 30-year history, a sitting president spoke at South by Southwest.

President Obama walked on stage as a keynote speaker to open the Interactive section of the SXSW Festival on Friday, March 11, 2016 in Austin, Texas where he talked about 21st century civic engagement alongside the founder, editor, and CEO of Texas Tribune, Evan Smith. Not only was this awesome because of our amazing president, but also because he is the first president to ever deliver a keynote address at the South by Southwest Conference.

Michigan Approves Nearly $50 Million For Detroit Public Schools

It was recently reported that Detroit Public Schools may be in danger of closing after April 8 due to a lack of funding and an inability to pay staff. It appeared that the only way to keep the school system open through the end of the school-year was for the state of Michigan to provide nearly $50 million.

Thursday, March 17, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a vote of 104-5 to allocate $48.7 to DPS, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Bernie Sanders and the Exclusionary Legacy of the Far Left

Despite wins in Missouri and Michigan, Bernie Sanders still trails Hillary Clinton by a decisive margin—especially among African-Americans. After competing in 31 primaries, the most Sanders has been able to clench of the Black vote was 29 percent— even with the support of prominent civil rights activist and fellow leftist Cornel West, who contends that “Brother Bernie is better for Black people”. But the long history of anti-Blackness in the American political left may be to blame for Sanders’ inability to earn the trust of the Black community.

Chicago Police Says ‘Typical f—ing ni–ers’ Over Radio And Other Bigotry

The Chicago Police Department is under a microscope for good reason. The Department of Justice is investigating CPD after missteps on all levels regarding Laquan McDonald’s death,  reports of an off-the-record “black site” used for interrogation for years, evidence of officers tampering with dash cams and a long list of other offenses.

The latest mark on the list of things CPD has done wrong comes in the form of a video clip. In the clip, someone believed to be a Chicago police officer can be heard over dispatch referring to other officers and a dispatcher as “typical fucking ni–ers.”

Chicago Denied Donald Trump, Maybe Now Voters Will Too

Donald Trump’s rallies have become even more of a fiasco than they were a few months ago. Black protestors are being flagged and escorted out of the building upon request, with one even being punched in the face on the way out.

Trump was scheduled to hold his next rally on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus in the middle of the city on Friday (March 11). Chicago may actually be the most outwardly liberal place Trump’s hosted a rally at thus far. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it makes complete sense that Trump protestors managed to show up in large enough numbers that the rally was cancelled “postponed.”

Kerry, Viola, and Shonda Say They’re ‘With Hillary’ In New Campaign Ad

Hillary Clinton has had her fair share of issues on the campaign trail. Many of which have been her repeated issues with Black voters who have approached her about her stances on key issues facing them. Even amidst all that, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Shonda Rhimes (and Shondland veteran Ellen Pompeo) say they are standing with Hillary Clinton in this presidential campaign.

President Obama Holds Republican Roast Session During Speech

During a presidential election cycle, it’s common practice for potential candidates on both sides to criticize the sitting head of state to show what they’d do differently. But this cycle in particular has brought out some non-stop claims by Republican candidates that question pretty much every move President Barack Obama has made in his presidency.

Well, Obama isn’t sitting quietly as he’s attacked on a daily basis. Recently, a video surfaced on C-SPAN of Obama taking some time out in a speech to hold an abbreviated roast session of the Republican Party as a whole.