Poll: Most Young Americans Say Parties Don’t Represent Them

By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most young Americans say the Republican and Democratic parties don’t represent them, a critical data point after a year of ferocious presidential primaries that forced partisans on both sides to confront what – and whom – they stand for.

That’s according to a new GenForward poll that shows the disconnect holds true across racial and ethnic groups, with just 28 percent of young adults overall saying the two major parties do a good job of representing the American people.

GenForward Poll: Most Whites Think Clinton Broke Law

By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Young Americans are divided over Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email account while she was secretary of state, with most young whites saying she intentionally broke the law and young people of color more likely to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt.

The new GenForward poll of young Americans age 18-30 also finds both Clinton and Donald Trump viewed negatively by a majority of those polled.

The swift murder of Korryn Gaines, and the slow death of Black Millennials’ political imagination

In a few weeks, I will return for my second year as a counselor at a weeklong summer camp for kids. During training, we were asked to ponder what the world would lose if by some mysticism all children were to disappear, with the intent to hone in on the importance of our work with these developing minds. The most common response: the world would be without innocence.

Poll: Police harassment familiar to young blacks, Hispanics

By: Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) — Crystal Webb cringes whenever a patrol car appears in her rearview mirror. She also never wants to see the inside of a police station again.

Her personal experience with police, plus recent fatal shootings of unarmed black men by white officers, has led the Apple Valley, California, mother of two to ask: Who are the good guys and who are bad?

Removing Criminal History From Job Applications Makes Racist Hiring Worse

“Ban-the-box” laws have the best intentions – preventing employers from unfairly holding an applicant’s criminal history against them. However, a new study finds that they may have a far more negative result on hiring practices by significantly increasing racial bias.

A study was conducted by researchers at University of Michigan and Princeton University that finds when employers aren’t able to use criminal history as a determining factor of employment, they appear to lean on assumptions based on race. Primarily, the assumption that black applicants are less trustworthy and more likely to have a criminal background. 

STUDY: Young People Disagree Politically Along Racial Lines

A new study proves just how misguided it is to view young people as a monolith.

GenForward is a survey of the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The first of its kind monthly poll asked 1,965 young adults age 18-30 about topics including the 2016 campaign, policy attitudes, and perceptions of race and racism.

Young People Disagree On The Issue Of Racism

According to a new poll, young people are divided concerning race in America. Around 80% of African Americans youth ages 18-30 believe that racism remains a major problem, while only 54% of young Whites agree that this is an issue. While a slight majority of young whites surveyed do agree that race is a major issue, this data suggests a wide gap remains between black and white youth’s perceptions of racism. 

This Is What Can Happen When Data Meets The Movement For Black Lives

On July 5, the number on The Guardian’s police killings ticker The Counted went up. On July 6, it went up again. The Guardian, like many other news outlets, with genuine intentions has made the effort to look at the numerous surveys, polls, and research behind racial disparities in policing in the country. My question is: who does the data usually benefit? Even more importantly: what is being done about it?

trump classified info

Poll: Most young people dislike GOP’s Trump, say he’s racist

By: The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is wildly unpopular among young adults, in particular young people of color, and nearly two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 believe the presumptive Republican nominee is racist.

That’s the finding of a new GenForward poll that also found just 19 percent of young people have a favorable opinion of Trump compared to the three-quarters of young adults who hold a dim view of the New York billionaire.

A new survey of young people finds growing support for Black Lives Matter and trans rights

By: Fusion

According to the GenForward survey, released today by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago and the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, young Americans are increasingly supportive of two major progressive causes: the Black Lives Matter movement and transgender people being able to use the bathroom of their gender identity.