CBS reporter Walter Jacobson sat down with a group of “gangbangers” from Chicago’s Southside.

The video of the interview has been making the rounds across the internet. Particularly, one young man’s response to the question, “What is the solution to the violence plaguing Chicago.”

“Killing is the solution” was his response.

But the young men also expressed sadness and displeasure with the violent state of affairs in Chicago, and anger regarding mistreatment and “hatred” from Chicago police.

From CBS Chicago:

“We’ve got to eat. We want to. We want money. We want to get fresh, we want fresh J’s almost every day. We want all that,” another young man said.

But where do they get the money they need? The young man answered bluntly.

“Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us,” he said.

“We ain’t living in Hyde Park,” added a third young man. The home of the University of Chicago is only a couple of miles away from Englewood – geographically, at least.

But given the state of their impoverished Englewood neighborhood, where is the money they can get?

“Selling drugs,” a young man replied. “In our neighborhood, I ain’t going to lie to you. That’s where the money comes from.”

The interview ends with Jacobson proclaiming that he doesn’t believe there is a solution to the violence plaguing our communities.

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