Cece McDonald is a black transgender woman currently on trial for 2nd degree murder for allegedly killing a man outside of a bar in Minneapolis.

Supporters say McDonald was walking to a grocery store with some friends when they were physically harassed by 47 year-old Dean Schmitz and two female friends. They yelled racial and homophobic slurs in their direction, and one of the woman smashed a glass into McDonald’s face. A confrontation ensued, resulting in a gash across McDonald’s face and a pair of fabric scissors in Schmitz chest. Schmitz died from his injuries, and McDonald has been charged with his murder.

Supporters say McDonald’s actions were in self-defense, and that she is being unjustly punished due to racism and transphobia. Reports even allege that Dean Schmitz had a swastika tattooed across his chest.

From Colorlines:

“Supporters have started a website, Support CeCe, to help tell McDonald’s story and follow developments during the trial. Recent trial updates mentioned that Schmitz’s previous history of domestic violence will not be used as evidence, but McDonald’s past conviction for writing a bad check will be allowed. It’s unclear whether or not Schmitz’s swastika tattoo will be admitted as evidence during the trial.

In the mean time, McDonald’s supporters have pledged to flock to the courtroom wearing purple to support the defense.”

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