Prosecutors dropped assault charges against George Zimmerman after his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe withdrew a domestic violence allegation.

The charges stemmed from a domestic violence dispute last month at the home the couple share.

From Reuters:

The sheriff’s department had probable cause to arrest Zimmerman at the time of the incident, Archer said. “However, upon reviewing the recent affidavit … and taking into account the conflicting statements about what occurred, the failure to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, and a lack of any other corroborating evidence or witnesses, there is no reasonable likelihood of successful prosecution,” Archer said.

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Zimmerman was arrested on November 18 after allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend during a domestic dispute. He faced three charges: aggravated assault, a felony, and a domestic violence battery and criminal mischief misdemeanor.

Scheibe told police that at one point Zimmerman broke a glass table and locked her out of the house. Scheibe suffered no injuries from the incident and recently requested that the charges against Zimmerman be dropped so they could “talk and be together.”

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