A Cook County judge was murdered outside of his home this past Monday morning in a robbery. Prosecutors say that Judge Raymond Myles, 66, wasn’t the intended target after it was found suspects had been following his 52-year-old girlfriend for a couple of weeks to learn her schedule.

The unnamed girlfriend was the first to encounter the gunman and was shot in the thigh. Myles then left the house after hearing the noise and was shot five times and killed.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Joshua T. Smith, 37, was the getaway driver and parked a former girlfriend’s car in the alley behind Myles’ Chicago home early Monday morning. After hearing gunshots, he drove around to pick up the gunman and sped off.

Smith has been charged with felony charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery for his role in the murder.

“It’s classic accomplice liability,” Misty Marris, a defense attorney, told HLN’s “Primetime Justice.” “If you’re involved in the planning, commission or the getaway of a crime, you can be charged with that murder.”

It is believed that Myles is the first judge to be killed in Chicago in more than three decades and was a beloved veteran in his field. His death lead to an intense investigation by police. This resulted in investigators using footage from surveillance cameras to track down Smith. The car was later found on Tuesday with new license plates.

The gunman who killed Myles and shot his girlfriend is still at large.