Charles Kinsey was only doing his job when he went off to find an autistic patient that had wandered off from a group home. When they were approached by police, he did everything that he was told to do and then some by lying on his back and putting his hands in their air. Despite all of this, North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda still shot him .

Kinsey has filed a federal lawsuit against Aledda on claims of a wrongful arrest and more, including officers determining that he wasn’t armed and still not administering any medical assistance and leaving him handcuffed. According to the Miami Herald, Kinsey and his attorneys are seeking a jury trial, unstated monetary physical, emotional and mental damages.

“By failing to render aid, Officer Aledda allowed Mr. Kinsey to unnecessarily bleed out on the ground for a significant period of time, which further exasperated Mr. Kinsey’s recovery time for his injuries,” said Hilton Napoleon, Kinsey’s attorney.

The lawsuit covers the events that transpired that day in great detail and even accuses the officers of immediately arming themselves with assault rifles once they reached the scene and approached in a “military-style formation.”

“All officers, including Officer Aledda, were close enough in proximity to hear Mr. Kinsey’s statements, and one officer even announced over the police radio, ‘It’s a toy truck, he’s saying it’s a toy truck,’” said the lawsuit.

Kinsey’s case is proof that the suggestion to “just do what they say” when black people interact with police is far too simple and comes from a place of privilege.

Photo Credit: WSCN Screenshot