In a 43-3 vote today, the Chicago City Council has approved a new policy regarding marijuana.

Police have the choice of issuing a ticket instead of arresting those found to be in possession of 15 or fewer grams of the drug.

Supporters of the ordinance, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, said issuing tickets frees up cops for more serious crime and ultimately will save the police department about $1 million.

“This is about being efficient and realistic,” said Ald. John Pope (10th).


“This isn’t decriminalization, Mr. President. It is re-criminalization … a more intelligent and effective way of addressing a problem,” said Ald. Ed Burke (14th).


Opponents of the plan said it does nothing to prevent Chicago’s drug and gangs problems.

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What will the impact of this decriminalization be?

Should other cities follow this example?

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