For two days residents and visitors of Chicago will have the chance to experience unique films dedicated to showcasing works by and about the Black LGBTQ/SGL (same gender loving) community.

The Black Alphabet Film Festival, hosted by the non profit Black Alphabet, features a series of independent films that tell the stories of black LGBTQ members. 

From Black Alphabet:

Black Alphabet symbolizes the unity and sexual diversity in the Black community. As we affirm the existing and emerging ways people identify in our community, we celebrate and affirm the freedom to self-define. Black Alphabet serves as a reminder that, no matter which letter we identify with, we are part of a legacy honoring our past, present, and future. Beyond LGBTQ or SGL, we tell our stories with each letter of the alphabet. Our mission is to empower our community, celebrate our achievements and foster our future. We do this through the support of culture, art, entrepreneurship, and health. Our aim is to create and encourage a new dialogue of what it means to be Black: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer or Questioning, Same Gender Loving, as well as Allies and the identities beyond. We are Black Alphabet: Building on our past, uniting in the present, affirming a prosperous future. Let no story be told without us.

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For opening night, Wednesday July 2nd, the festival will feature three films: The Way To Kevin tells the story of a Philadelphia-born gay porn star as he attempts to move beyond acting and establish his own production company. The short film Hero Mars explores centralizes on the theme of a woman who sacrfices everything for her dreams, and Blackbird tells the story of a 17-year-old choir boy who struggles to come into his own in the deep south.

The Black Alphabet Film Festival runs from Wednesday July 2, through Thursday July 3. Visit for a complete list of films and ticket information.

It is critical that the stories of LGBTQ and SGL people of color be brought to the forefront. Kudos to Black Alphabet for their contributions in the quest for these stories to be told.

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