Takiya Holmes was sitting in a parked car with her mother, aunt and younger brother when a stray bullet struck her in the head this past Saturday. Takiya never regained consciousness and was in critical condition at Comer Children’s Hospital.

Despite her mother’s constant pleas, Takiya never woke up and died Tuesday morning. 

“At 8:17 this morning Takiya passed away in her mother’s arms,” Holmes’s cousin, Rachel Williams – who also a prominent member of BYP100, wrote, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Takiya is the youngest person to die from Chicago’s gun violence since Tyshawn Lee, 9, was shot in an alley in 2015 after being lured from a park. Since 2011, 92 children under the age of 12 have been shot in Chicago.

As tragic as the loss of Takiya Holmes is, she wasn’t the only child shot that night. About 30 minutes earlier, Kanari Gentry-Bowers, was also shot in a separate incident and remains in critical condition.

Doctors did all they could to save Takiya, who wasn’t breathing on her own on Tuesday morning with no sight of an improvement in her status.

“The doctor did a procedure to see if there was any response,” Andrew Holmes, Takiya’s cousin and a long-time advocate for the families of shooting victims. “The test was still negative. She wasn’t breathing on her own even when we took her off the ventilator. That’s when the decision came down.”

The family was able to say their final goodbyes, including her mother, Naikeeia Williams, who hadn’t left her bedside.

“Our community has to come together to protect our children,” said Patsy Holmes, Takiya’s grandmother. “Our children are innocent getting caught by stray bullets. The other little girl who got shot, my prayers are going out to that family.”

Murder charges have been filed against Antwan C. Jones, 19, for Takiya’s death.

The city of Chicago will surely be in mourning over this heartbreaking loss.