Like so many of us in Chicago, 28 year-old South Side native Bryant Cross is fed up with the crisis of gun violence in the Windy City.

He posted a photo of himself with the caption “Angry Because Over 500 Youth Were Murdered in Chicago.”

Seemingly overnight, Facebook and Instagram users were flooding his inbox asking that he make one for them.

And just like that, an online anti-violence movement was born: the 500 Campaign.

From NBC Chicago:

He’s had fairly steady requests over the past couple of weeks, but when 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins was fatally shot on Monday, the requests started coming in fast and furious.

He’s edited hundreds of photos for his followers, who in turn are spreading the message on their own social media networks.

“There’s a depression out here, people are wondering what they can do,” Cross said. “I wanted to get people worked up so they at least feel like there’s something they can do to address the violence.”

Bryan is hoping to stage an anti-violence rally downtown sometime this summer.

Learn more about the 500 Campaign at its Facebook page HERE


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