Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been centered on making grand statements that many voters never force him to follow through on. Outside of building walls and fixing the U.S. economy practically overnight, he’s also claimed that he can end gun violence, specifically in Chicago.

While Trump often uses Chicago as an example of how bad gun violence can be, he’s never really said what he’d plan to do. Even when his staff made a claim that they’d talked to a top Chicago police official that informed them of a way to resolve the problem in a week by being “much tougher.” Well, CPD’s calling his bluff. 

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“If you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere, not just in Chicago but in America, then please, share it with us,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. “We’d be glad to take that information and stop this violence.”

Trump’s latest claims came after the shooting death of Nykea Aldridge, a mother of four and cousin of Chicago-native and recent Chicago Bulls signee Dwyane Wade.

The Republican Presidential nominee’s doubled down on the usual practice of candidates offering lofty promises to win over voters. However, even the International Association of Chiefs of Police, a group representing more than 27,000 police chiefs across the country, have their doubts that he has an actual plan in place.

It’s late enough in the presidential race where it’s unlikely that a significant amount of voters will suddenly realize most of Trump’s promises are empty. But with actual police departments calling him out, there may be a chance that some will come around.


Photo: Wiki Commons