State Rep Mary Flowers is urging a community group to sue Chicago Public Schools for not including black history as part of their regular curriculum.

A 22 year-old state law stipulates that all public elementary and high schools incorporate Black history into year-round curriculum, not just Black History Month.

From DNA Info:

“The proposed curriculum CPS has presented is unacceptable,” said Florence Cox, president of We Can Inc. and the first black president of the Chicago Board of Education. “It lacks our history and language arts. There is nothing in here about who [African Americans] are and where we came from.”

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, chief executive officer for CPS, did not attend the meeting, but was represented by Phillip Hampton, chief community and family officer for CPS.

“Barbara needs to meet with you. I do know she is aware of this situation,” Hampton told the community group. “I will speak with her on Monday and elevate this issue to her, so that by Tuesday you have a response back. “





Should CPS be sued for not adequately incorporating black history into the regular curriculum?

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