The Chicago Teachers Union is gearing up for a massive protest against the closing of 54 Chicago public schools.

Thousands of parents, teachers, students, and community members are expected attend and demand a moratorium on the closures.

The march begins at 4pm at the Daley Center before heading to CPS headquarters and City Hall.

From NBC Chicago:

“While the District contemplates how many neighborhood schools they will shutter this year, taxpayers who have had enough of these top-down, draconian measures are strategizing about how to elevate their voices in the school closing fight,” the union said in a statement.

Jackson Potter, a CTU staff coordinator, said to “expect thousands of angry teachers, parents and custodians” at Wednesday’s rally.

The union claims it obtained a secret memo warning principals that civil disobedience in their schools is a real possibility and asking them to report any possible protests.

“Why are they asking principals to work as agents of this administration when they are the ones who have created a climate of chaos?” Lewis said in a statement. “Civil disobedience is a direct response to unjust policies and practices. We intend to use whatever nonviolence protest actions we have in this fight for education justice. “



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