Chain Reaction, a Chicago Youth-Based Organization, is seeking donations to help fund a project aimed at coming up with viable alternatives to calling the police on youth:

What is Chain Reaction?

Chain Reaction is a participatory research and popular education project with the goal of supporting conversations about alternatives to calling police on young people. When police intervene in situations involving youth, ranging from loitering and petty crimes to more severe violence, police involvement typically sets off a chain of events that can have far-reaching effects on a young person’s life.

What are we doing?

Our hard-working youth leaders and volunteers have already created numerous audio and video stories, and we need your help to get them out into the world! We are planning workshops at youth centers, listenting [sic] sessions in communities, and other events to share our stories with the world.

Read more at Chain Reaction’s site.

With 28 days to go in its fundraising campaign, Chain Reaction is about $1000 short of its goal. Those who want to help can click the above link and support by donating or spreading the word.


It’s great to see youth active and engaged in their communities!

If you know of similar organizations, please note them in the comments section!