Prosecutors asserted that Chief Keef belongs in jail, or at the very least house arrest, during a juvenile court hearing yesterday.

They argued that his possible involvement in the shooting death of alleged rival Lil Jo Jo has made him a target, and that incarceration of some kind would keep him and others safe.

Regarding his probation violations, they site his failure to procure a GED by a court ordered deadline, as well as a widely-criticized interview with Pitchfork Media at a gun range.

Keef can be seen holding a rifle in the clip.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“As he left court Wednesday, Chief Keef raised his hands in a show of victory. Earlier, he had predicted he would be released, saying to a reporter, ‘It’s a piece of cake.’

Late Wednesday, defiant messages were posted on Chief Keef’s Twitter account.

‘Prosecutors want me back in jail?! I aint going!!!! … IM out here tryin to get this money & they wanna stop me from shining!!!’

During a break in the hearing, Chief Keef lingered in a courthouse hallway, singing snippets of his raps. One young girl, awaiting her own court hearing nearby, heard him singing, then posed with Chief Keef and her mother for a quick iPhone photo.

At one point Wednesday, he was chided by his probation officer for signing court papers ‘Chief Keef’ instead of his real name.”

Keef’s next hearing has been scheduled for November 20th.


Thoughts on the madness surrounding Chief Keef?

Should he be jailed? Placed under house arrest?

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