Just as the outrage over Rick Ross’ date rape lyrics has begun to die down, another controversial rapper is under fire for misogynistic lyrical content.

Chief Keef recently previewed a song called “You” in which he threatens to murder a women for not performing a sex act on him.

He says: “You ain’t gonna let me f— you, and I feel you / But you gone suck my d— or I’ll kill you”

An organization called the Girls Like Me Project has launched a petition demanding that Chicago Public Schools not allow their DJs to music by Chief Keef or his friend Lil Reese.

From Clutch Mag:

The petition reads:

“As an artist on a national label, Interscope Records, Chief Keef and his label mates have the ability to mass-produce messages that glorify rape and murder of girls. His platform allows him access to influence minds and psyches of impressionable students in CPS. While it may be a challenge to stop radio stations from promoting this message, school officials have the authority to exercise their moral obligation which calls for the boycott of music that promotes rape or any kind of gender violence. Many DJ’s claim students aggressively demand Chief Keef be played, however, you can set the boundaries to the type of music your students are exposed to.

Therefore, we are asking CPS to take a stand and limit the exposure your students have to this destructive music. In a city where violence disproportionately halts the potential of our young people, we cannot afford this type of influence in our schools. If nowhere else in this city, our girls deserve to feel safe from sexual violence and misogyny in their school communities.

We are pleading with you to ban DJ’s from playing this music during your assemblies, dances, proms, sports activities, or any variation of school functions.”

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Do you think CPS will heed the demands of this petition?

How else can we hold artists accountable for the messages in their lyrics?

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