They say this subject is getting old…

“Mike Huckabee compared homosexuality to necrophilia and his conservative mindset is what keeps our minds captured in cages scattered with landmines of inequality, And those mines blow up in the minds of children as they breed their judgmental thoughts while spreading them to their off-spring, your like a virus and it can’t be cured… cause they see minorities as incomplete…and incomplete people only deserve an incomplete number… so they stapled the number 6 on my forehead”

Once again, They say this subject is getting old…

And then people like Mike Huckabee gives me a reason to write a passionate blog in the name of my rights and the equal rights of the LGBT community. The above excerpt of my poem Equality 666 was written in my senior year of high school. Same situation, same individual being a bigot, same context, only this time he didn’t compare homosexuality to necrophilia, he instead, exchanged words, and compared the LGBT community to people who involve themselves in incest or polygamy.

Huckabee went on to say that gay couples should not be permitted to adopt, “Children are not puppies,” he said.  523, 062 people are in foster care (at least)!!! And Mike Hukabee would rather have each and every one of them grow up in a foster system that is in many cases insufficient to the child’s needs.

I have a problem with traditionalists. (Which is what I consider Mike Hukabee to be.) My definition of a traditionalist is someone who does something not based on factual evidence, but based on the slogan “it has always been done this way, it should continue to be done this way, and anything else is wrong.” Ok, I might have just made that slogan up, but you understand the type of thinking that I attempt to reference. From what I’ve heard Mr. Hukabee say, he has no factual evidence as to why he doesn’t want to allow same-sex marriage, and more importantly (and what I was most offended by) is that he has no evidence to say that gay people treat their kids like “pets.” But I can only assume that he comes from a long line of ignorant thinking people, who have a boorish way of thinking.

Well to actually bring some form of education into this conversation. Abbie E. Goldberg, a psychology professor at Clark University (whose research was highlighted in the New York Times last year) posits that there is growing evidence that proves that children who grow up with same sex parents are no different than those who grow up with straight parents. There were many positive differentiations when surveys are done with children who have same sex parents. For example, one survey that was done showed girls of same-sex parents are more likely to aspire to go into professional careers like being a professor, doctor, or lawyer. I don’t see how this could be a bad thing, unless of course you’re afraid of women having equal pay as men (which I would be surprised if that was the case with Hukabee).

Overall this still comes down to the plague of hetero-normativity taking over the media and Hukabee’s traditionalist views. I try to ignore it, (I know, it doesn’t look like it)…but this time his comments were just a bit too ridiculous to remain stay silent.

Anyone wanna organize a protest? Not worth it? I agree.