Yesterday afternoon, around 400 children marched through downtown Chicago in support of immigration reform.

Many of these latino children & youth were advocating for their parents, who are either under the shadows for lack of documentation or going through the deportation process.

It is estimated that at least 100,000 children have been affected by the lack of immigration reform and lost one, or both, parent(s) to deportation.

From NBC Chicago:

“I┬ádon’t want to get separated from my mother because .. if she leaves I don’t think I’m going to do good in school,” said 10-year-old Chris Romero.

Many of the marchers’ signs were emblazoned with butterflies, the symbol of migration.

“Immigrants come and they’re here, they’re working hard and then all of a sudden they sent them back to their countries. So they leave the children right here and then the children are having a hard time,”┬áRomero explained.

Organizers of Tuesday’s march said an estimated 100,000 children have lost parents to deportations. Thousands of those children end up in foster care.



Thoughts on the need for immigration reform, and its heartbreaking impact on families?

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