In my 21 years of existence there have been many things that have perplexed me: Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, why Trix are for kids, and who framed Roger Rabbit. However, Christine O’Donnell’s interview on the Piers Morgan show may take the cake as one of the weirdest things I’ve seen. O’Donnell, already known as a political hack, witch doctor, and all around crazy lady went on the Piers Morgan Show to promote her new book ‘Trouble Maker’. With a title like that, you think she’d be accustomed to fielding hardball questions. After last week’s interview she proved that she can’t even field a slow pitch softball question hit off of a tee.

This bizarre reaction from O’Donnell was sparked by a simple question from Morgan: “Right now I’m curious about whether you support gay marriage or not. After he asked the questioned all hell broke loose. O’Donnell evaded questions about as good as O.J. Simpson evaded the LA Police in the white Bronco.  What seemed so interesting to me was that she seemed clueless that [she] ghostwriter wrote about gay marriage in her book. maybe she needs to get a new communications team


O’Donnell said that the gay marriage issue is not relevant or what she is championing, saying the book is meant to inspire the tea party movement to “bring America back to the second American revolution.” Whatever that means. And then Ms. O’Donnell had the nerve to accuse Morgan of sexual harrassment for asking her a question about a statement she made on MTV likening masturbation to adultery. Sure, the nature of the question was sexual, but it was based on a statement that she made.


I don’t know what direction the Tea Party is headed in or who they want to coronate as their leader, but Christine O’Donnell is not the one they should rally around. I’m not a big fan of the Tea Party, in fact, I think they are a bunch of ideologues using small government as a guise  to promote policies that roll back the progress of the civil rights movement. Nevertheless, O’Donnell does not do much to help legitimize the group.


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