Although Washington D.C.’s professional football team has been in most of the headlines regarding mascots and team names that are offensive, Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians have taken the initiative to decrease the visibility of their offensive logo.

The team has opted to adopt a “C” in place of Chief Wahoo on some of their hats. 

From Yahoo! Sports:

While the Indians never come out and say they’re marginalizing the Chief, they seem to be continuing a trend of de-emphasizing him. They removed him from the road uniform in recent seasons and they’ve reduced his visibility at spring training in Arizona, where more Native Americans live. They don’t use him at every opportunity to publicize team events or programs anymore. They’ve also surveyed their fans asking their feelings on the Chief, as if to gain “permission” to make a change.

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In terms of how fans feel about the Chief, most hardcore supporters are at least neutral. Other fractions consider Wahoo to be overtly racist, believing that the caricature demeans Native Americans.

Should the Indians get rid of Chief Wahoo altogether?

What about the team name? Should it be changed?

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