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March Your Way into the Twilight Years at the

C. Delores Tucker Retirement Village

A Community for Seniors

Live in Style!

Located on 40 sprawling acres of verdant green just outside of Selma, Alabama, the C. Delores Tucker Retirement Village is the ideal senior living facility for the aging social activist in your life.  Constructed in 2007 with the civil rights generation in mind, the C. Delores Tucker Homes offers a myriad of affordable lifestyle packages, including studio and 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom condominiums, and small villas for the independent-minded senior.  We also feature:

  • Lunch counter, community-style dining facilities that will make you think you’ve died and gone to Greensboro, North Carolina
  • A fully integrated library, computer lab, and lounge
  • An eco-friendly environment, C. Delores Tucker Retirement Village has a smaller carbon footprint than other senior communities because its buildings are all shaded by more than 100, Urban League-certified magnolia trees that have never, ever bore strange fruit.

Healthcare Facilities on Site!

Our nurses and attendants provide exceptional senior care for those activists moving closer to the sweet chariot coming for to carry them home.  If your senior has flashbacks of dark meat loving German shepherds, rest assured that our staff will know exactly what to do in your loved one’s time(s) of need.

You’re retired, not dead (yet)!

The C. Delores Tucker Retirement Village also provides an extensive activities program, including:

  • Protest sign making classes
  • Water hose aerobics
  • Civil rights leader-themed OBAMA (Bingo) nights
  • The Sit-Ins, a choir and acting troupe specifically geared towards our wheelchair using community.
  • A spades club
  • Movie nights, exclusively featuring NAACP Award worthy titles such as: The Long Walk Home, Mississippi Burning, Eyes on the Prize, and Ghosts of Mississippi
  • Brown paper bag test approved speed dating for our single residents
  • Monthly freedom ride field trips to civil rights museums and monuments throughout the South

    Schedule a visit!

    Don’t wait!

    Each day, more and more senior activists (should) retire and join our community.  To learn more about the C. Delores Tucker Retirement Village, you may request a brochure.  We also offer daily tours of our campus.  Come visit us in the heart of the balmy Deep South!  There are no colored only signs here!  Remember: it takes a village (to squelch a thoroughly out of touch demographic).

    *Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare enthusiastically accepted