Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones all tragically lost their lives at 27.

Is it a coincidence? Or maybe 27 is just an extremely unlucky for number for famous musicians. Either way, these artists will all go down in history as talented beyond their years but sadly, as tragic figures who lost their lives to the pitfalls of fame.

As Drew Grant from salon.com notes “I don’t think there’s a curse. My argument would be that around 20, 21, these particular people found fame. Coupled with other demons, that access that fame can make 27 something of a milestone. But it’s not just that age: 32 and 45 are just as common; you could go back and find other significant rock stars that died at those ages. And not just musicians die at 27: Basquiat, one of the romantic poets… people die at all ages. What makes the 27 Club so infamous is that in the ’60s, three of the top-10 selling stars of that era died at that particular age.”

Whatever the case may be, this “club” of entertainers came, saw, but were conquered by their Earthly ills. May they all find solace somewhere in their afterlives.