According to a recent study by CNN, most Black children harbor negative, subconscious biases against White children by the time they are 13 years-old.

The report explains that younger Black children have an exceptionally optimistic outlook on race, but that overtime these feelings sour.

From NewsOne:

“Most 6-year-olds, according to the study, had an optimistic view on race, but that perception changed as they got older.

Davionne, 6, told a researcher that, ‘They’re not the same color and they can’t play together if they’re not the same color.’

The boy then claimed that he couldn’t play with White kids ’cause your mom might not want you to play with that friend.'”

Davionne’s parents expressed surprise and concern upon learning of their son’s views on race.

However, as Dr. Boyce Watkin’s points out in a editorial for NewsOne, it is important to understand that wariness of whites on the part of Black people is a product of the racism and discrimination that continues to persist in our society.

Oftentimes, Black parents are simply preparing their children for the harsh realities of being Black in America.

“This “study” by CNN is very interesting, especially if the results are used to somehow imply that Black children are taught to be leery of Whites for no good reason.   The sad reality is that many Black parents must sometimes prepare their children for the sting of racism that will occur later in life, ultimately undermining their self-esteem at a very early age.”


Check out Anderson Cooper’s CNN report below:

Are you surprised by the results of CNN’s study?

What is problematic about this study?

Why do you think Black children would develop bias against white children from such an early age?

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