On my bus ride home, three African American males, ranging from early 40s to late 50s, entered the bus.  For whatever reason lately, I have taken to sitting at the back of buses. Much to my chagrin, the three guys came to the back and sat right near me.  As I began to read, I noticed that the youngest of the men pulled out these mini-tiny plastic Ziploc like red bags. The youngest of the three looked at me as I pulled out my cell-phone to call someone to avoid over-hearing them.

At this point, the youngest of the three talked about his job issues and poured the content of the mini-tiny Ziploc red bags on this card. The content turned out to be this white powder substance. At this point, I was completely floored and scared shitless because, if the powder substance was cocaine these men could have been carrying weapons.

The youngest guy rolled up a dollar bill and started snorting lines of the white-powder on the bus.