The current presidential election is so divisive that everyone seems to be expressing the negative opinions about the candidates. Former high ranking politicians are clearly no exception.

Initially reported by Buzzfeed, former Secretary of State Colin Powell held nothing back when he took shots at both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in emails that were recently leaked by

Powell, who served under three Republican presidents and is a member of the GOP, called Trump a “”national disgrace and an international pariah” and said that he doesn’t want to vote for Clinton “greedy, not transformational” and claims she’s  married to a husband who’s “still d**king bimbos at home.”

The gloves are off people! Colin Powell has officially reached the level of that uncle that gets more drunk and more honest at the family gathering.

The emails span more than a year and bring up Powell’s thoughts on Trump’s failed attempts to win over black and Latino voters after basing his entire political platform on racism, having the support of Roger Ailes and his role in the birther movement against President Barack Obama.

When Buzzfeed News reached out for a comment, Powell simply replied with “I have no further comment. I’m not denying it.” Which basically translates to, “I said what I meant and I meant what I said.”

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons