Jeramey Anderson just turned 22 on Dec. 6. That is also the day that he became an official member of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Anderson is now the youngest to hold the position after defeating former Moss Point Major Aneice Liddell with 60 percent of the vote to win the District 110 seat.

From The Sun Herald:

“Everybody has been very receptive to the idea of having someone so young and another mind in the Legislature,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the experience and as far as all the representatives I’ve spoken to, they’re looking forward to it as well because it’s going to offer a new perspective to a lot of issues that we’re facing here in the state.”

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Anderson became interested in politics during his sophomore year at Moss Point High School. He served as class president for three years.

Anderson’s win didn’t come easy and neither will his job. The local Democratic Party backed Liddell in the race, and as a freshman Democrat in the mostly Republican Legislature, Anderson is bound to run into a few challenges.

Anderson told the Sun Herald that “My vote is going to be the vote of my constituents, not myself.” Anderson is currently finishing his final year at Tulane University’s Gulf Coast campus in Biluxi.

Congratulations, Mr. Anderson!